Best Games to Play to Get Ready for Elden Ring

Check out a few games sure to get you ready to jump into the world of Elden Ring when the game becomes available on February 25.

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IanTH134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

In my opinion, this feels like a "games to avoid" in the lead up to Elden Ring list. I don't like playing similar games back-to-back, it tends to make it easier for the new game to feel samey or fatiguing. Even if the new game is great in its own right, I've found it's easier to enjoy when the mechanics & world are given enough breathing room to feel as fresh as they can when starting it up.

Certainly admit that could just be a "me" thing, for sure.

Tacoboto134d ago

Couldn't agree more. If I get Elden Ring, I'll never play Sekiro. I wanted to in 2021 but Demon’s Souls took quite a bit of effort.

Like you, that style of game feels too samey and I need to space them out. Elden Ring will be there for me in '23, '22 will be to finally give Sekiro the chance it deserves, and maybe finally run through the last 20% I've got left in Bloodborne.

IanTH134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

To clarify, I feel this is true of a lot of genres - I try not to play open world games back-to-back either, as they tend to have a lot of overlapping design decisions (busywork, checklists, fetchin', etc).

But yeah, I also think you wouldn't want to necessarily get overfull on Souls-likes either. And they can all have slightly different timings with attacks/parries/blocks/dodges/ etc, so if you play them too close you may end up having to unlearn some muscle memory & retune it for newer mechanics. Not a massive deal, it just adds up to me finding it better to space 'em out when I can.

Khaar134d ago

Kinda agree, I wanted to complete all the Soulsbornes before Elden (finished Sekiro and Bloodborne before), so I finished Demons Souls on the PS5 (a masterpiece) and started Dark Souls 1-2 weeks ago.

And I don't think I will do any more after DS1, I'm already started to feel burnt out and I hope 6 weeks will be enough to get me hyped for Elden again.

If you can though, I would recommend to play Demon Souls on PS5 before Elden (the scalping prices are going down). It is a short compact souls game that knows when to end that really hyped me up for Elden Ring.

cell989134d ago

Don't know much about this game, but it this similar to the souls series? One of those "challenging" games?

Khaar134d ago

While the Souls games did give you some different ways to approach enemies, Elden Ring aims to give you much more options.
I would definitely have it on my radar if you never played one of these.