Sony PS5 Display At CES 2022

Sony returned to CES and drew lots of interest with their PS5 display and Skewed and Reviewed have shared some photos from their coverage.

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whitbyfox137d ago

‘Lots of interest’

Absolutely nobody other than the rep in the area.

Garethvk137d ago

Since you are being a Troll let me help you out There were about a dozen film crews and photographers there when I arrived and I waited until they were done to take the pictures so I did not have to deal with them in the shots. It was also spread out so the photo of the rep was from the far right and away from the displays.

whitbyfox137d ago

You should edit that reply while you still can. You need a full stop after ‘out’.

Sorry to upset you, keep up the good work.

Garethvk137d ago

Thanks. Just been a long day and a pain trying to editi photos on mobile and a laptop so at the end of the day it has been trying. You would not believe how small CES was and combined with the E3 news it has been piling on.

whitbyfox136d ago

Yeah see what you mean but least you got to go. Bet you saw loads of other cool new stuff too.

Hopefully everything goes back to normal before too long.

peppeaccardo137d ago

In this time and age interest can also be quantified on traffic on site and other online activities not just the number of visitors to a stand .. we live in the 21st century, remember?. I understand that these downplaying activities are mandatory for an honorable members of the XBOX-Failarmy like yourself ... but this new was bigger even before the start of the CES. Now you can go back and keep on playing on the most recent iteration of Halo and Forza on your belowed gamepass.

whitbyfox136d ago

I have all 3, wouldn’t chain myself to one console.

anast136d ago

Pictures are static...

YourMommySpoils136d ago

Out of the way people, Halo, Forza coming through .

randomvoice136d ago

Yeah show me one is stock at MSRP and I'll take your word. Definitely has more interest than its competitors. Sales speak for themselves.

whitbyfox136d ago

Switch is winning by a mile. And has been the best-selling console in the last 35 out of 36 months in the US.

So PS5 definitely does not have more interest than it’s competitors if you are going by sales ‘speaking for themselves’.

Vengeance1138136d ago

If the article were discussing Xbox then this statement would be true, however it is about the PS5 so your statement is auto invalid.

Please do try again though! Chin up there kid ;)

whitbyfox136d ago

I own and enjoy all 3 consoles. You really are a Sony fanboy.

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Garethvk137d ago

Sorry for the sizing as I am using my laptop and do not have all my files on it that I do on my PC and the pictures have been a pain to size up.

badz149137d ago

damn it, sell those units, Sony! many are still waiting and here you are flexing at CES!

Garethvk137d ago

Shaq somehow got his hands on 1000 of them to give away. I have also seen a picture of a wharehouse filled with them which was said to be Walmart.

S2Killinit136d ago

A close up of the controllers would have been appreciated

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The story is too old to be commented.