Final Fantasy 7 Remake mod concept brings back PS1 camera

With the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC, one thing was certain. Within days there would be a deluge of mods for the acclaimed roleplaying game. Here's one seeking to recapture those nostalgic PS1 camera angels.

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M3talDiamond135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

God I wish the PS4 and PS5 versions had mods especially this one. The nostalgia from just watching that video. Or even if FF7R Part 2 had sections of the game that had some classic camera angles. The Remake camera is great and all but for someone who loved the original more than the remake it really would pay homage to upcoming FF7 Part 2 imo

fr0sty134d ago

Why? The fixed angles, especially those that made it difficult to see where you were supposed to go, were one of my biggest gripes about the OG FF7. You're throwing away the ability to truly take in Midgar's beauty by being able to look in any direction... kinda an insult to the artists that put so much effort into bringing it to life.

-Hermit-135d ago

God bless the modding community.

Orchard134d ago

Pretty cool. Mods are one of the things I wish they'd support better on console. PC is great for mods, but I don't really want to play all my games on PC.

Shiore2u134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Consoles are meant to be closed platforms where the amount of fun you're provided is strictly only within the bounds of what a conglomerate decides you're allowed to have. Anything that takes away control from them, especially when there's alternatively money involved (i.e DLC) isn't going to happen. If you want mods, the latter is your only real option.

shinoff2183134d ago

No there not. They have just always been closed. Now a days they have more power then they used to and its possible. A handful of games already offer mods I'm sure you know that

TheRealTedCruz134d ago


Literally just Bethesda games? There's not a single other game I know of, off hand.
And they weren't wrong. It's all about the big 3 owning the singular marketplace you're stuck with.
Some are just more egregious about it than others.

Shiore2u134d ago

Even with Bethesda games the "mods" are severely limited across Xbox and Playstation. Sony won't allow external assets, deeming them a "security issue". Neither will allow script modification of the executable, which is what allows modders to utilize the most out of the software. Price of convenience is a steep and narrow one.

specialguest134d ago

This is an awesome mod. Too bad I already bought the PS5 version. I waited forever for the PC version, but finally caved in and bought the PS5 version

MrGameAndWatch134d ago

Man, I was hoping for that since I replayed the original game after playing remake. But unlike the creator, I really want to get the turn by turn battle back, so this is cool he showed that it is totally possible!

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