10 Easiest PS5 Platinum Trophies You Should Unlock

None of these will take you more than ten hours to complete and all of them will help you to add to your trophy haul.

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Vengeance1138515d ago

Who would honest to God play a game purely for the meaningless trophies? Pathetic.

Neonridr514d ago

who would pay money for a game that lasts a minute just to get a platinum trophy is the better question.

monkey602514d ago

I've joined Facebook groups that are full of those people. I dont understand it.
I like trophy hunting. I've currently got 101 platinum trophies but I would never let them dictate what I buy or my enjoyment of a game.

IanTH514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

101!? I've got a whopping 2, both gotten back in the PS3 era lol. I wish they had like a "Plat" and a "Diamond" or something. 1 for playing through the game & doing most of the stuff in your average playthrough, and then one for the completionists. I think I'd feel a little more connected to trophies if that were the case.

Instead, it feels like I get a sizeable chunk through a game's trophies and find that to get the last 15% or so, you'll spend another 5-15 hours of random stuff that just ends up feeling like busywork to complete at that point. I end up leaving the game instead of getting them so I have a more positive feeling about the game when I've finished, rather than fatigued. I almost went back & got them on H:ZD & Ghosts of Tushima, but I stopped before I got there. May get them one day!

LucasRuinedChildhood514d ago (Edited 514d ago )


"I wish they had like a "Plat" and a "Diamond" or something. 1 for playing through the game & doing most of the stuff in your average playthrough, and then one for the completionists."

That's actually a really good idea. I don't have too many plats either (I've platted 7 since they were introduced in 2008, lol) but I do like trophies.

I particularly hate when you do most of the content in some games and still get a low trophy percentage unless you're willing to do some really boring busywork. I'm never willing to do that so I just come away a bit unsatisfied.

Diamond would be the first tier of trophy completion (signifying that you did a lot) and Platinum would be the top tier (signifying that you did pretty much everything).

monkey602514d ago


Ha yeah but I have a few friends that put me to shame. One of them hit 200 the armed day I got my 100. Completely stole my thunder ha.

But 102 is my real milestone anyway, That'll be 100 unique platinum trophies for me. Rainbow 6 and Spiderman platinum on PS5 autopopped after playing them on PS4 and they feel cheap now.

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ocelot07514d ago

It's like people on a internet comment section calling other people pathetic for enjoying something. That's so much more pathetic.

I don't get why people collect model trains. Or go train spotting but if that's what they enjoy then good for them.

Neonridr510d ago

I wouldn't exactly compare the two at all, but you do you.

slayernz514d ago

Read the article, only game on there worth playing is Astros playroom which is free and actually really good. I love getting plats but i will never start playing games because it is an easy set of trophies that takes 5 mins, sadly some devs make these rubbish games because they know fools out there will get them for an easy plat. Sad sad sad

monkey602514d ago

I'm still curious to try out 12 minutes myself but otherwise I agree

Christopher514d ago

12 Minutes is a weird voyage the further you get into it.

monkey602514d ago

The involvment of Willem Defoe and James McAvoy is enough to warrant my attention I think

Kaii514d ago

I came across 1 player on psn that had 690 Plats - 2571 Gold 7263 Silvers & 22117 Bronze trophies - A total count of 32641 trophies unlocked.

This was back when Splitgate beta was released and I just casually checked the lobby for bots, rechecking the profile In question they went private, whether it's legit or not, I personally pursue the plat if the game In question is worth it.

NecrumOddBoy514d ago

Look up HAKOOM. Dude has so many trophies it doesn’t make logical sense.

Unknown_Gamer5794513d ago

Dude also dedicates his life to trying to get every PS trophy. He didn’t get all of those without sacrifice. The rest of us can’t compete with him.

cyberFUTUR3514d ago

These are ALL the easiest PS5 Platinum games :
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