Final Fantasy X and X-2 producer Yoshinori Kitase reflects on his past work

With remastered versions of these RPG classics available on PlayStation Now, Yoshinori Kitase shares development secrets.

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Magog135d ago

Is it just me or has their been a lot of inside info about Square-Enix coming from Sony lately? Along with the amount of console exclusives its hard not to think a buyout may be imminent...

lonewolf10135d ago

Nice links, nothing to say a buyout is happening, so just you.

Snookies12135d ago

Square-Enix has always had a good relationship with Sony. Nothing really new here, honestly.

pietro1212134d ago

Sony and Square always had a close relationship. Remember before Enix purchased Square, Sony helped Square out when they were facing bankruptcy after The spirits Within flopped in the box office.

Knightofelemia134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Sony had an 18.6% stake in SquareSoft because they were going broke due to the Final Fantasy Spirits Within tanking in the theater. When KH and FFX started making a profit for SquareSoft the merger between Enix and Squaresoft took place. After the merger between SquareSoft and Enix Sony sold off some of their shares and they own 8.2% of SquareEnix. Sony would have to cough up mad cash to purchase SquareEnix Sony's Playstation side has to go through a chain of command. Sony as a company isn't like Microsoft whip out a cheque book and away we pay. And for Sony to cough up that that kind of mad cash to buy a big company like SquareEnix the other branches of Sony would most likely have to take a vote on a big purchase such as that. A smaller studio say like Bluepoint yes the Playstation side could get away with purchasing. But SquareEnix would be like the Zenimax purchase for Sony all other branches would have to vote.

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Flawlessmic134d ago

Would love a ffx remake, make it happen square enix!

Name Last Name134d ago

FFX is still pretty modern. If anything, I would expect a remake of VI after VII.

Magog134d ago

After 7 is a long long time from now. We only just left Midgar.

FinalFantasyFanatic134d ago

Nah, FFX holds up really well today and doesn't need a remake, a remaster at best is all it needs.

People should hope for older games to get remakes (Pre-PS2, the PS1/N64/Nes/Snes/Sega Genesis/Dreamcast/ect... are more worthy of remakes than PS2 era games). I find it really puzzling when fairly modern games get remakes or when people call for them (e.g. Life is Strange, that game did not need a remake).