IGN Forza Motorsport 2 Car Preview + New Screens

The May release of Forza 2 will be here before you know it and some of the finer details on the driving sim are starting to surface. Recently, the official track list was released on the Forza 2 website. Over the coming weeks, the finalized car list will be revealed and IGN will have the first look at many of them -- even before the official Forza website. To kick things off, IGN has the details on the first two cars along with some exclusive screenshots and developer thoughts. Enjoy.

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MoonDust4903d ago

A picture does not tell the whole story.

PS360PCROCKS4903d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking...the car models look FANTASTIC but the foliage and scenery is like "meh" like I dunna what it is, maybe it's just me? Maybe it's part of the "blur effect"? I too want a video, because racing game screenshots never really capture how good something can look since when it's taken everything is moving on screen.

ironwolf4903d ago

The background, less so. Hope it improves over the next couple of months.

Jakens4903d ago (Edited 4903d ago )

I am really excited for this game. I expect a lot from this game and hope it can be the car simulator of choice. (More news every Friday)

ApocalypseShadow4903d ago

i'm going to comment.the car models do look can see the reflection of the trees in the cars.but the backgrounds do look like would think that everyone would use speed tree.the trees in oblivion would make this and gt5's game look better.but i'll have to wait and see the results from a video.

DR GRIM4903d ago

yea gt5 could look better but this is the only games that come cose to it

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The story is too old to be commented.