Black Mesa review

A review of the Half-Life remake Black Mesa

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slowgamer638d ago

Did it have some major update recently for this appear now? But it is cheap on sale though.
I never was really mind blown by the game but for a price of 4 euros to play a remake of sorts is quite tempting.


Don’t Let Modern Gaming Ruin Your Experience With Half-Life 1

JASON WRITES: When Half-Life 1 first released, it was revolutionary. Its approach to video game design and storytelling sent ripples through the gaming industry and its influence can be seen in just about every AAA game that has been released since, at least on some level.

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cthulhucultist127d ago

If you are after a more modern iteration of this fantasic game, I highly suggest that you play Black Mesa (third-party remake of Half-Life made in the Source game engine).

The graphics are not top notch but they greatly enhance the experience (especially in the alien world) and the effects added are very nice.

I had a blast playing this on Steam Deck and it was a much better experience than playing vanilla Half Life 1


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Orchard485d ago

Loved Black Mesa, looking forward to playing through a modern Blue Shift also.


The Next Black Mesa Update Will Break Your Saves

Fair warning: the next Black Mesa update is going to brick your saves. Crowbar Collective says this is a side effect of needing to make changes to levels.

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