Game Positive: Fallout 3 Review

There's no doubt that many people already know that they will love Fallout 3: it offers the epic world that many yearn for. For those still deciding whether to take a chance on the title, know that Fallout 3 is designed with great artistry and care. The story and the characters alone will reward even those with a short attention span, while the ability to craft a character and impact the world around you will set a new gold standard for anyone ready to savor the experience. If you're looking for exciting and engrossing role-playing gameplay, Fallout 3 is a must-play title for 2008.

Pros: Enormous scope; interesting stories and characters; enjoyable setting; deep role-playing elements; many, many hours of gameplay.

Cons: Minor glitches; scope can seem daunting at first; requires a large time investment to fully appreciate the grandeur.

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