Cancelled Bully 2 Details Emerge

Inside Rockstar New England's attempt to develop a sequel to one of Rockstar's most-beloved cult classics and the crunch issues and layoffs that followed.

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Rimeskeem140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Imagine if Rockstar made Bully 2 instead of the GTA trilogy.

OtterX140d ago

Rockstar should just completely close Grove Street after that mess and reinvest that studio's money into New England's Bully 2 development.

This was a great read and really sounds like Bully 2 was going to be something special!

porkChop140d ago

Rockstar does not own Grove Street Games. They're independent.

OtterX140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

@porkChop Thanks for the clarification. That is indeed confusing since they are regularly tasked with Rockstar ports and CJ's street in San Andreas shares the same Grove Street name (although after looking it up, its actually named after Grove Street in Gainesville FL, where the studio is located. Coincidence or purposeful?). Either way, Rockstar is giving them money and should be cut off after that mess of a remaster!

Gamer79140d ago

But rockstar didn't make gta trilogy.

Knightofelemia140d ago


Grove Street Games did the Definitive Edition and Rockstar just published the Xbox, Playstation, and cellphone editions. Nintendo supposedly published the Switch edition of the trilogy. The original three games were developed by Rockstar and published by Rockstar.

Profchaos140d ago

Imagine the quality of the GTA trilogy if rockstar actually made it.

Instead they palmed off the responsibility to a external mobile dev team that had completed the mobile ports which had concessions that were made to the games to make them run on mobiles like the iPhone 4.

So no I don't think the trilogy took any resources away from rockstar aside from one guy to oversee it from rockstar.

jeromeface140d ago

imagine knowing what you're talking about, rockstar didn't technically make even the gta trilogy... they outsourced it.. which is why it was horrible

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P_Bomb140d ago

Wait what? Gotta read this…

roadkillers140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Well, way to ruin my New Years game informer.

Edit: Very interesting read behind Rockstar if you are a fan.

SinisterKieran140d ago

I think they’ve realised they don’t have the talent anymore

NitendoPowa140d ago

exactly same thing I was thinking, I think Rockstar could be in trouble

Blaze929140d ago

Dang. Hoping for its revival

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The story is too old to be commented.