PlayStation 5 - One Year Later

Zahi AR from Link Cable Gaming writes “Welcome back Link Cable Gaming fans, we currently find ourselves one year into the 9th generation of gaming following the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 5 on November 12th, 2020. Following the incredible success of Sony’s PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5 is shaping up to follow in its footsteps. But how has the past year treated the PlayStation 5?”

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SullysCigar515d ago

It's kicked ass - and 2022 is looking even better!

darthv72514d ago

22 is going to be great. GoW, HFW, GT7... those are guaranteed sales for me.

InUrFoxHole514d ago

Idk man. Mine has been collecting dust. I started ratchet and clank but it didn't hold my interest. So for me it hasn't been worth the purchase in 2021. Not for 1 second would I think about getting rid of the console though, because 2022 has some great titles coming.

Viljong515d ago

PS5 is awesome but it is still lacking hdmi 2.1 features xbox allready have.

darkrider515d ago

If only you could play with those...

BehindTheRows515d ago

Xbox lacks haptics. We could go back and forth. On top of that, Xbox is irrelevant in this discussion.

darthv72514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

Slight correction. Xbox does have haptics, just not DS haptics. It has the usual vibration in the controller as well as rumble triggers.

All of which fall under the term of haptic feedback. I also agree this is a topic of PS5, not xbox but regardless who brought it up, I just thought you should know.

I dont write em, I only find em...

BehindTheRows514d ago (Edited 514d ago )


No, not a correction. The Xbox does not have the advanced haptics of the DualSense controller.

No one buys a Series S nor X with “haptics feedback” as a major selling point. The specific type in the DS is missing.

Not trying to be a dick to you, but come on darth. You knew this :P

darthv72514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

I know you arent being a dick, and neither am I. You said XB didnt have them when technically they do. MS doesnt advertise it because its just evolutionary from the existing xbo controller.

Thank you for at least acknowledging what I was implying with saying "advanced haptics" thats all I was going for. Sony promotes it because its new to them this gen. They have every right to be proud of it... its great.

BehindTheRows514d ago


No worries my friend. We’re all here for the same purpose! :)

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EvertonFC514d ago

That's has been and currently still is being rolled out as we speak since December through January 2022 on xh90 and the new master range tvs models.
Just depends on your region when you get the update December or January

MrGameAndWatch515d ago

One year later, still waiting for ps5 games.. Because except if you missed the ps4 era, ps5 hasn't a lot to offer for now.

TheDoomedGuy515d ago

That's true. But the PS4 had even less to offer in the same time frame.

But that's also true for any generation of consoles. 3rd parties release cross gen while 1st party focus on the new gen...and we got 4 titles so.

repsahj514d ago

Dude there's plenty of ps5 exclusive already. I'm very impressed with ps5 was done for its 1st year.

Terry_B514d ago

Yup..still going to wait 1-2 more years before I get one.

InUrFoxHole514d ago

I agree but I also see the future. Sony has some excellent games coming.

FinalFantasyFanatic514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

It's not really any different from any other console launch, the first couple of years are always a little drier than the remainder of the gen, I think it's doing surprisingly well so far, especially since we're in the middle of a pandemic.

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Godmars290515d ago

It's only been a year? And I haven't been able to get ahold of one. Been wondering if I need to.

Teflon02515d ago

It's really not too hard to. Everyone I know that wanted one got it within a week or 2 or bitting the bullet. I've had day 1. Since it's early in the Gen, it's not so big a deal, as you can always pick up the games whenever you get thw console. Plus Sony mainly makes games where joining late isn't you getting screwed over lol

Army_of_Darkness515d ago (Edited 515d ago )


Are you kidding me?! I've been trying for a whole year trying to get a ps5! Online, offline, in stores, you name it! And still, no success! But as much as I want one, I refuse to purchase a ps5 from scalpers.
So yes, they are hard to get.

InUrFoxHole514d ago

You need a friend with plenty of time on their hands. It's the only way I was able to snag a ps5 or series x

Vits515d ago (Edited 515d ago )

Same for me. Getting a hold of one at MSRP is being such a pain in the butt. That I'm truly wondering if I really need one. And the same applies to the Series X.

TheDoomedGuy515d ago (Edited 515d ago )

I was just at GameStop and they had series x bundles available. No line to get them though.

Series s consoles pop up everywhere.

PS5 however...that's the tough one to get.

InUrFoxHole514d ago

Can you let these gamers know where the series x is available so they can snag 1. Thanks man. Same when you run across a ps5. Game on!

Vits514d ago (Edited 514d ago )


Unfortunately, GameStop is not a thing in my country. Here the PS5 is actually the easier one to get (as it appears once for 5 minutes in the full moon). The Series X is sold out since its release.

And Series S and PS5 Digital are readily available. But while I might get the first at some point as a complementary GamePass machine. The second is just a pretty sour deal being not that cheaper than the physical disc version. But having much more expensive game prices.

That said. If you can post what GameStop you are talking about. So people that are interested in the console might go there to get it.

neutralgamer1992515d ago (Edited 515d ago )

Sign up for Walmart plus and order using a computer it's not that hard when Walmart drops for plus members. You get 10 minutes to order once it's your turn. Next gen only games have been decent especially compared to past console launches

Personally I think it's worth getting with horizon

Godmars290515d ago

Its about want as much as availability at this point. Pretty much done with the AAA mentality and not seeing anything "high profile" that's likewise personally appealing.

Got a Switch, happy with what I'm playing on it, and recently figured out how to put PC games on livingroom TV.

BoneMagnus514d ago

I got a PS5 and a Series X through Walmart+. The X arrived 6 days after I ordered it and the PS5 12 days after.

I’ve seen where some people had difficulty ordering them or had their orders cancelled or shipment delayed a few months, but it worked for me.

FinalFantasyFanatic514d ago

I know most of my friends and co-workers were on a wait list for several months, so it's possible to get one, just not right away. I personally want one, just not right away, I'd rather wait out the first couple of years for more games, in the mean time, the PS4/Switch/PC serves me very well.

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LoveSpuds514d ago

I absolutely love my PS5, I was lucky to score one at launch and from the off, was enthralled.

Nay sayers can try and downplay Miles Morales, Demon Souls. Astro and Sackboy, but these games at launch were utterly incredible and with addition of Returnal, Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade along with stacks of 3rd party stuff, I have really struggled to play everything I wanted too this year. Death Stranding is going to get a hiding next after I picked it up in a sale before Christmas.

TheDoomedGuy514d ago

Yeah. I myself just picked up metro Exodus complete edition to play on PS5. Their update takes advantage of the dual sense and I never got around to play it so that's great for me.

akurtz514d ago

I played the dlc for metro exodus with the ps5 update and its beautiful. Also llay kena bridge of spirits you two

TheDoomedGuy514d ago


Oh you bet. Friend of mine just got it physical. I'll be borrowing when he's done.

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