Report: She-Hulk Is Coming to Marvel's Avengers, Krizia Bajos Confirmed as VA

She-Hulk is reportedly coming to Marvel's Avengers, and her voice actress would be none other than Krizia Bajos, as reported by sources.

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chobit_A5HL3Y142d ago

it'd be nice if they FIXED THE GAME FIRST.

CaptainHenry916142d ago

Guardian of the galaxy is way better than this game in every way

jznrpg141d ago

I have heard nothing but bad things about Avengers game so I have not played it but GotG was a really fun game , not perfect but it was better than I was expecting . I hope they make a 2nd one and improve on it .

Stonilein142d ago

Strong Independent Woman

SurgicalMenace142d ago

She Hulk is to The Hulk what the WNBA is to the NBA. We already had to deal with that annoying random character that was nothing more than a ripoff of Reed Richard....

Yi-Long142d ago

John Byrne’s She-Hulk is tremendous. She’s also quite different from The Hulk character, as she actually enjoys being a Hulk, she’s still a rational smart normal woman, apart from the green skin and strength of course. Personally never really cared for the original Hulk, who was mainly just angry and smashy. Grey Hulk, where he actually had a personality was more interesting. But Green Hulk works better as either part of a team or as a wild danger to everyone, while She-Hulk is quite independent and interesting.

That said, Apart from Byrne there haven’t been many writers/artists who have done the character justice.

TricksterArrow142d ago

Reed Richards is already a ripoff of other characters, but since he is a male ripoff, I guess he gets a pass.

SurgicalMenace142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

Male or female the main character of the game is unnecessary as it is an Avengers game. If you're going to add an arbitrary character at least make them unique.

At least with Reed we're met with intelligence, expertise, and know-how over uncertainty, low emotional intelligence, and lack of impulse control. Who wants to play as a character with low self-esteem and blind emotions? We're surrounded by that enough in life.

Concerning She Hulk, who cares about her exploits outside her ability to fight. It is an action adventure game, not Ace Attorney, so your points about what she's done are moot at best. How does her abilities, as a warrior, stack against The Hulk? What more can her presence add? As it stands, she'll only hold the spot as "the girl version".

SurgicalMenace142d ago

Why? We already have Hulk. How about you take a vote to see who the players want? I doubt the majority would have voted for She Hulk....

DeusFever142d ago

She-Hulk has been a popular Marvel character for a long, long time. Part of the Fantastic Four, an Avenger, a 4th wall breaking book, and then the book where She-Hulk litigates super hero cases. Wise up youngin’.

SurgicalMenace142d ago

I'm aware of all that but in the current state of the Avengers where does she fit?

Christopher142d ago

Tie in with the TV show I'd assume. So, you know, above their heads on what is getting made.

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jimbo6597142d ago

I give them credit for continuing through with this. Unlike Destruction Allstars and Anthem.

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