26 years later, the best RPG ever made still lives up to the hype

This 1995 SNES classic is every bit as good as you've heard.

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RavenWolfx139d ago

Chrono Trigger is such an amazing, timeless game that anyone can enjoy. I just wish we got more in the series.

MrNinosan139d ago

I loved both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross and would love to have a re-release, just to play them on a current gen console again, preferbly with Platinum Trophies.

Chard139d ago

The Steam version is pretty good now after all the patches it received. I just wish they'd also patch out the HP/ATB bars under each character.

franwex139d ago

I thought they were gonna talk about Bahamut Lagoon, lol.

jznrpg139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

Definitely one of my favorite games of all time but I’m getting older and my list is really long . I do remember the time travel very well . Cool game I should replay it again soon

RaidenBlack139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

It needs a Remake. Period.
4th & 5th gen games need the Remake treatment, the most.
Definitely much more than Dead Space and likes.

PiNkFaIrYbOi138d ago

They just need to leave it alone. It is fine the way it is. Besides Square is nowhere near what they use to be and would probably just end up ruing the remake.

JaXion5138d ago

FFVII PS4 is a fantastic remake, the only bad thing about it is they separated it into parts.

chronoforce138d ago

The way Dragon Quest 11 turned out gives me hope they actually could pull it off. DQ 11 has all the ingredients of a Chrono Trigger game, they even nailed the Toriyama art style in 3D.

lucian229138d ago

a remake on that scale would be very tough. Best they can do is a remaster without going the full ff7re style. it's very costly to do that, but would look amazing.

I'd be happy with a full remake going the route of Dragoncrown/Odin Sphere quality sprites, and new backgrounds, updated music and add voice acting .That'd be the best way to keep it faithful but still keep it feeling fresh.

Knightofelemia139d ago

It's right up there on my favorites for jrpgs Chrono Cross was just as good. Yasunori Mitsuda hands down one of the best music composers the music in Chrono Trigger was great and still is great love his music in Xenogears as well. I still have my SNES cart and PS1 version of Chrono Trigger and my Chrono Cross PS1 game as well.

Shiken138d ago

Yes this is my favorite IP of all time. You have CT, using tinetravel to save the future. Then you have CC...the consequences of time travel and going against FATE...the perfect yin and yang that compliment eachother far more than some people will admit.

I just want a 3rd mainline game to tie up some of the loose ends, or maybe aome extra content headed by Kato in a Trigger/Cross remake that covers it. This IP truly had endless potential, and it is a shame that Square abandoned it just because the games never reached FFVII numbers.

crazyaejay138d ago

Radical Dreamers bridges the gap between Trigger and Cross.

Shiken137d ago


False, Radical Dreamers exists in its own timeline outside of the main Trigger timeline and the two from Cross. In Chronopolis there is a nod to RD's existence (as it was the prototype Cross was based on), but is not directly connected to the other two games.

Similar to Dinopolis, the RD timeline is from its own alternate reality based on the many worlds theory. Home World and Another World in Cross are two alternate realities that branch directly off of CT as a result of Time Travel. They are not the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.