Survey Reveals Breath of The Wild Is the Most Beloved Game in Japan

The 50,000 Poll list features some interesting outliers too, notably Toby Fox's UNDERTALE at 13th spot. Breath of The Wild also makes it to the No.1 Spot.

SinisterMister643d ago

Well. Deserved. Props to the devs!

LordoftheCritics642d ago

Well deserved indeed.

One of the best games of the last gen.

XbladeTeddy642d ago

Best game? Hardly. Weapon durability was just crap(the master sword needs cooldowns! Really1?!), stupid amount of shrines (like over 100) that all looked the bloody same and outstayed their welcome fast. The side quests were just uninspring, you were like a dog playing fetch. Open world was full of open nothingness.

But worst of all it didn't feel like a Zelda game worthy of the name. I want traditional dungeons like Ocarina of Time not this shrine crap everywhere that all look identical. Boring game, I hated it and I love the Zelda series.

Sonic-and-Crash642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

I say ..Sony are you listening??????... No Killzone , No Horizon Zero Dawn, No Last of Us. No Infamous (which is rumored that will have a sequel) was beloved by Japanese audience.....get a grip and return back to your Japanese roots before it is to late....

Sony , just leave behind IPs like Infamous , Horizon ,Last of Us , and other western unappealable IPs and produce some damn AAA Japanese exclusive titles with talent...Astro s Playroom is a perfect start

LucasRuinedChildhood642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

BOTW aside, the overall list is quite bad. Almost no games from any region that's not Japan (I think 5/100). Every region has its own tastes - people tend not to watch foreign movies because they're not lip-synched to their language, Western gamers don't always appreciate JRPGs, etc, but even so, it's a bit extreme.

In Japan, a game being called "foreign" has traditionally been used as an insult so the results aren't that surprising, I suppose, but it's still a shame. https://www.wired.com/2010/...
"Yo-ge, kuso-ge, goes the saying: 'Western game, shit game.'"

They've missed out on many great games over the years. I looked and apparently Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time only sold 26,000 copies in Japan over 14 months and that was seen as great for a non-Japanese game. It's one of the best games ever made, and certainly better than Dr. Mario!

Ghost of Tsushima can make it onto the list because it pays homage to Kurosawa movies, is set on Tsushima Island and is extremely loosely based on historical events, but if you can enjoy the gameplay of GOS ... why not Horizon Zero Dawn?

Knushwood Butt642d ago

The whole thing stank of the TV channel kissing ass of the same gaming companies that 'sponsor' the channel's programmes. Prime time shows in Japan are sponsored, and during the commercial breaks commercials from those sponsors are shown. The show itself may have been sponsored by some gaming companies. I was only half watching it. Towards the final countdown to 1 there was a commercial break after every game. 5 → CM → 4 → CM → 3 → CM etc

I had little interest in the list, but one thing too weird to ignore is why Apex Legends is there but Fortnite isn't?

Zhipp642d ago

Didn't Destiny actually do really well in Japan, though? AFIAK Call of duty has relatively strong sales over there as well. Or at least it did during the ps4 gen.

lucian229642d ago

very low standards for gaming which is sad. while a decent base of a game and indeed fun........the world was empty, had only 13 enemy types including bosses, you had to pay 20$ for hard mode, the game was overly easy............it def isn't as amazing as people make it seem.

-Foxtrot643d ago

Sad thing is, in that list there’s a dozen or so better games

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JustSomeGuy94642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

These things are subjective though, its not a fact that these games are better or worse, just opinion.

And you have to remember the national pride that must have its part in this, It's an internationally loved franchise from their country, I'd be proud too and I can see how it would be beloved amongst Japanese folks.

And besides, what would be the point of these lists if they all looked the same ? That would just be boring

roadkillers642d ago

I remember seeing your comments when you first started on N4G. One of the first guys I’ve seen on this site get anywhere close to 100 downvotes and keep on rolling. Keep rocking your unpopular opinions man, even if I don’t agree at least there is entertainment to be had!

PS: This statement I agree

-Foxtrot642d ago

Well...I mean, I've seen a ton of people on here over the years with over 100 disagrees, especially if they are the first comment so...

Most of the time it's not about the comment you make, it's just about people not liking the user and pressing that disagree button before the comment has even been read.

septemberindecember642d ago

Clearly this isn't so for everyone, hence why BotW is both critically and commercially such a success as well as being beloved by fans.

There was an article I read a week ago or so that calculated all the "best Zelda games" lists from major news outlets to determine which Zelda game got the most amount of number ones. Despite having articles in the mix that didn't even include BotW due to it not being out at the time of rankings (such as eurogamers last "best Zelda" article from 2016) BotW still had more number ones than all other Zelda games on the list. Maybe it doesn't fit on your list, but it does for a lot of people, as this article proves.

XbladeTeddy641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

Don't care how many number 1's it gets, it's got nothing on Ocarina of Time. That is the pinnacle of Zelda.

yoshatabi642d ago

I agree. The game was overrated and really boring to me

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monkey602643d ago

It wouldn't make my top 100 at all. I just couldn't take to it. But then my entire top 100 would look very different to this list with only a few titles crossing over

Knightofelemia643d ago

I like Breath of the Wild but I love Tales of Arise good to see Chrono Trigger, and FFX on that list surprised Parasite Eve, Legend of Dragoon, or no Xenogears on the list.

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