Lost Judgment Deserves More Recognition

Adam from NoobFeed writes - Lost Judgment doesn't have microtransactions, has lots of quality content, and an overall amazing experience so why isn't not getting more attention?

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ApocalypseShadow143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Welcome to the world of Shenmue.

A developer can do a lot of things right and still get looked over in favor of something else. Either from a long running franchise or a popular casual, fad like game. That's the industry for you. But as long as you enjoyed it, at least someone played it that can tell another.

TakeTori142d ago

I would agree with you if "a developer can do a lot of things right" actually applied to Shenmue in the first place.

smashman98141d ago

Agreed, shenmue was never a good game. Technical Marvel? sure. Engaging and fun game? Never.

smashman98143d ago

This is why no one takes gamers seriously because we bitch and moan about mtx and dlc all the while the games that make the most money are those and the ones that make the least are these.

Armaggedon142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

This is interesting to think about. They push these micro transactions because we keep buying it. We are literally telling them “keep doing this please”

141d ago
SimpleSlave143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Here we go again. We spent years supporting the Yakuza franchise only for it to be bastardized into some mid turn based jrpg garbage. Now what? We'll support this series only for it to be eventually turned into a garbage visual novel with only QTE for gameplay?

...Where is Ishin and Kenzan Sega? Ya goofs!

neutralgamer1992143d ago

Exactly as a long long long time Yakuza series fan I just couldn't get into this turned based combat. I really hope for future they go back to the original combat

And man we would be so happy if we get Ishin and Kenzan

pietro1212143d ago

They already announced going forward that the main series will be turn based and I’m fine with that.

Skywalker333142d ago

I don't see the problem at all. The series split in two paths. Like a Dragon will be turn based JRPG while Judgement will be classic Yakuza. Both games are great in their own right for people who like each specific style of gameplay.

SimpleSlave142d ago

I don't really care if you can't see the problem. That's a you thing. The fact is that it was the Yakuza series that we supported and if it wasn't for that support people like you wouldn't have this turd based garbage.

Now, all of a sudden, we need to shift our support to a second series that if it's not successful or can't sell as well as the turn based game, it'll be cancelled. And if that happens, then what? Where will that leave fans like us? Is not like Yakuza-like games are everywhere, are they?

So back off, and go play the other gazillion of JRPGs that are stinking up the market place. Leave us ex-Yakuza fans to sulk, wallow in self pity and then come out and scream into the ether in hopes that SEGA grows a clue.

Just hope that none of your crappy series get turn into Pachinko only games. I mean, you deserve it for being so mid, but I doubt you'll see the problem anyways. So good for you.👍

Teflon02142d ago

Simple, not accepting change is a you problem
"Yakuza: Like A Dragon Was The Most Successful Title In The Series Internationally, Says Sega's Shuji Utsumi"

SimpleSlave142d ago

@Teflon02 "...not accepting change is a you problem." Of course it is dumbass. Did you not read what I posted or what?

"Yakuza: Like A Dragon Was The Most Successful Title In The Series Internationally, Says Sega's Shuji Utsumi" This is proof positive that you either can't read or can't understand what you're reading. I literally addressed this ya' goof.

Teflon02142d ago

To be honest, best yakuza to me, Don't mind Judgement taking on the action game style and Yakuza going turn based going forward

andy85142d ago

Enjoyed Yazuka 7 more than any of the other ones. The world needs more turn based games not them dying out. The series needed a refresh. Still have the judgment series if you want the original combat

SimpleSlave142d ago

It doesn't really matters if you enjoyed it the most. I'm pretty sure that if Mario was turned into a Doom clone I would enjoy it more than the other ones too. But I would never advocate for one nor would I be telling the fans "Well, I enjoyed it the most." Don't be so mid fella'. But I'm glad Sega was able to accommodate you and your tastes. Good for ya' buddy. 👍

The reality is that the game was not a turd based game when we supported it and the world doesn't need a great and unique series like the Yakuza to be turned into one either. There are plenty of those games out there and there is only one Yakuza-like series. The irony to cry about TB jRPG dying out when talking about one of a kind series. Seriously.

The point is that there are plenty of turd based crap out there. And there was only one Yakuza. Now, not only does Judgement somehow has to build itself up from the shadow of the Yakuza series in order to fill those shoes, but it also has to compete with the Yakuza-Lite sales. If and when Sega decides it will be more cost effective to only keep one series, guess which one will the one they keep and which one will be the one they cancel?

At the end of the day, if Yakuza-Lite is cancelled, there would be plenty of games for you to enjoy out there that has the same gameplay mechanics. If Judgement doesn't make it, then that would be it for this type of game.

141d ago
andy85142d ago

Didn't 7 sell and review better than 6 too? Says a lot.

SimpleSlave142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

The only thing it say is that Turd Based JRPGs are not dying and that they sell much better than an ultra niche genre like the brawlers. That is not saying much is it?

andy85142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

It says it's what people prefer 🤷‍♂️ Yakuza games were getting incredibly samey and I'm big fan of the franchise. Props to them for trying something new.

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RauLeCreuset143d ago

"So why am I bringing this up? Well if you watched The Game Awards it seems that Lost Judgment was constantly pushed aside."

I don't expect better from an awards show that's shamelessly reliant on new reveal trailers for relevancy. The awards aren't the main course. They're an afterthought. I have little faith in them boosting something not already on the radar.

TheColbertinator143d ago

Agreed. TGAs are basically the Ads Awards.

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