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COG: Acting as a hype piece for the upcoming film and a showcase for the Unreal 5 engine, Matrix Awakens is a glimpse into an incredible future.

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moriarty1889150d ago

I have to agree. This looks simply stunning.

ArmorOfGod150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Played the demo. Cutscene was impressive but car chase was completed without pressing a single button. On foot section was no more impressive than Miles Morales in terms of city design or graphical quality. Also REEEEALLY enjoyed the woke agenda of putting a no name black woman as the main protag instead of Neo or Trinity. 😂😂😂
“Everything woke turns to sh—“

ChubbyBlade149d ago

What nonsense are you going on about?

fr0sty149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I bet this person is a hit at parties. Can't even play a tech demo without letting ignorance and racism shine through. I'd rather be "woke" than still asleep like this person's fragile mind.

Ashunderfire86149d ago

I think that was supposed to be Jada Pinkett Smith character. You know from the old trilogy. Way before so called wokeness.

moriarty1889149d ago

yes it seems par for the course in most games and movies lately.

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saint_seya150d ago

I tried it on my friends house last nite, i have to say i couldnt believe how good it looks, i cant even imagine what we will see more into the future.

Pedrof150d ago

Performance is all over the place, often below 30 fps. That's not a future I want to look into.

starsi360150d ago

I agree, I mean it looks amazing but we need that 60fps which I'm guessing will need more powerful hardware. Without it, 30fps and below just looks like a juddery mess in motion.

lucian229150d ago

Not even a 3090 could get that 4k and 60fps so get over yourself lol

Einhander1971149d ago

Stop ball aching about frame rate, obviously you were playing something else. Far from a juddery mess. Get over the [email protected]@kin fps obsession!!!

Lennoxb63150d ago

The traffic and crowds are defaulted to 100%. Try turning one or both down. But it is just a tech demo after all, lighten up.

yeahokwhatever150d ago

so try making a city less like a city? lol

Outlawzz150d ago

There's always that one guy lol

Ninver150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Or female, or trans, or tree. What are they "identify" as

Fntastic150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

PC should run it better.

SullysCigar150d ago

Not for most people it won't.

lucian229150d ago

While it would, it would maybe max get 30fps at 4k. And that's with a very expensive computer.

The average pc owner has a low to mid level rig.

The point of the demo is to show what's visually possible. Everything was cranked to the max, simply lowering the car amount by half, and parked cars by half dramatically increases performance.

fr0sty149d ago

If you have $3000 to drop on a scalped GPU that is capable of it, maybe.

iplay1up2150d ago

Having played through this a few times, I disagree. Also have you looked at the dashboard, and seen everything running real time? It is definitely a current gen showcase. UR engine 5 is still being worked on, and tweaked. Can't wait to see games in 2 years.

F0XH0UND922150d ago

Imagine being so incredibly short-sighted that you don't even know the purpose of a tech demo. Yikes

spicelicka150d ago

That's literally why it's a look into the FUTURE when performance can match the graphics. If it was 60fps with those graphics we'd already be in the future.

antikbaka149d ago

how dare you say objective facts

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Fntastic150d ago

Will be interesting to see how it performs on PC with a 3080, and next gen 4000 series later next year should perform great in UE5.

Prob gonna sell my 3080 for a grand soon, got it for 650 and already made 2x that by mining, my 3060Ti will be good enough til next gen arrives.

CS7150d ago

We could have had full games like this already but everyone wanna do cross gen.

camel_toad150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Yeh its that installed user base thats doing it. Sell your game to 100,000 people or 100,000,000. Easy decision for them but I totally respect the devs that want their games to look their best over having mediocre cross gen graphics for more sales.

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