Sony Makes Another Big Acquisition For Their Mobile Efforts, Nabbing Fate/Grand Order Studio

Sony just made another big acquisition in terms of fleshing out their mobile efforts, with the purchase of Delight Works, the team behind Fate/Grand Order.

ApocalypseShadow882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

I figured this purchase would happen. Expect more acquisitions from these companies in the future. But if Sony really wants to round it all out, their next get should be a company that improves their streaming technology for games so that they stay competitive against Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc..

And, a dedicated VR developer to improve their VR output between high profile releases. Like say, Survios. Because Facebook has no problem buying up small, successful developers.

Any other get would be some developer that can create emulation on PS5 to improve classic games like emulators do on PCs.

CrimsonWing69882d ago

Um, they made a deal with Microsoft to use Azure for streaming.

ApocalypseShadow881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

I was speaking specifically in-house. Not a partnership. They didn't partner with Firsprite, they bought them. They Didn't partner with Insomniac. They bought them. There's a difference. Sure. They made an agreement to look into it with Microsoft. That may take years unless Sony announces something sooner than later. But I don't see any improvement with PS Now from where I sit.

blacktiger881d ago (Edited 881d ago )

Where is the source? Playstation now exist way before that. So it's not like they needed beside aws and any other exist.

And from the rumors I read Sony is teaming up with Xbox the same way Microsoft and Apple teamed to make sure no other competition exist. Sony and Microsoft wants to make sure Google and Amazon doesn't come close. Nothing to do with Azure or streaming.

And giving secret sauce on Azure is a fail 101

Godmars290882d ago

Would love to see mobile game makers NOT making mobile games...

Omegasyde881d ago

Eh, ever see ported gameloft games in action?


Godmars290881d ago

You're talking about generic PS1 games with PS3 graphics? Not that I'd mind such a thing, just rather something like a Fate Grand Order JRPG sans gatcha mechanics.

MightyHealthy882d ago

I'm actually interested in this area, bc mobile tech is getting better and better.
No, I dont necessarily like the way you control mobile games, and I damn sure don't like the nickel and dimin' games.
Alien isolation just released on mobile and I believe its pay once for the initial purchase and thats it.
Thats the mobile games I'm looking out for.

I gotta imagine the latest phones like the Note can perform just as well as the switch, and the tech is just gonna get better. And if the switch still outperforms phones its just a matter of time until phones take the lead.

Wintersun616882d ago

"And if the switch still outperforms phones its just a matter of time until phones take the lead. "

Do you remember when 10 or something years ago mobile devices were supposed to surpass PS3 and X360 in terms of power and it was the end of the world for consoles as we know them? Yeah...

Michiel1989882d ago

and what of that wasnt true? they have surpassed those by now, some of the new flagship phones are incredibly powerful. They wont be doing any impressive raytracing anytime soon, but theyre still pretty powerful for such small machines. The mobile market is also making tons of money, so that statement was actually pretty accurate besides that they didnt take into account new consoles releasing.

MightyHealthy881d ago

I guess I shouldve said then in my comment, I absolutely do not want mobile to erase consoles, lol.
The can coexist.
I am just very impressed with how far mobile tech has come.

plmkoh882d ago

Crazy how such as low effort game like Fate/Grand can make so much money all these years later.

Godmars290882d ago

Someone has yet to fall under the sway of waifu influence I see.

Lucky bastard...

plmkoh881d ago

Can't you guys just be satisfied with Dakimakura's instead?

Teflon02882d ago

Doesn't Fate Grand Order make like a billion every year? That's a crazy buy? Though I guess it's not a big surprise. Think everything fate related is under aniplex anyways

Chevalier881d ago

Yep they definitely do over $1 billion a year. Considering the 1st year the apparently did just over $110 million, now they're definitely up passed a billion each year


DashMad881d ago

nah it's been two year on decline the last billion revenue was 2019, i still think it's bad Purchase the only succesfull DW game is just FGO they have yet made successfull game other than FGO and FGO is already on decline profit just fell over 80% in 2020 it's not 1st smartphone game in JP anymore. ya know sakura wars revolution that shit bombed, cost 3 billion yen only to be shut in a month.

Omegasyde881d ago

Also remember Sony owns Crunchyroll and Funimation.

iplay1up2881d ago

Crunchyroll compared to the likes of Bethesda and Obsidian? Really?

Chevalier881d ago


Really? Wtf does Bethesda and Obsidian have to do with this purchase exactly? Absolutely idiotic. This studios game has already made Sony over $5 billion. Crunchyroll, Funimation and a number of media purchases show how diversified Sony's portfolio is.

So idiots who think Sony/Playstation can't afford Bethesda like purchases shows how clueless you guys really are. They've spent more than what Bethesda cost with their acquisitions. Fate Stay profit alone could have afforded the complete purchase of Bethesda within the next year profits if they really wanted to.

So you want to scoff at like $5-7 billion in revenue then honestly gtfo. So as you put it REALLY?!

Omegasyde881d ago

Um said game is based off an anime, with its spin-offs showing on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

You’re comparing game developers to streaming platforms.

It’s like comparing halo infinite to Spider-Man: No way home.

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