Ubisoft Reveals Splinter Cell Remake

This is great news for fans. Ubisoft has greenlit the development of a Splinter Cell remake that will draw from the rich canvas of the brand.

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RaidenBlack358d ago

I was discussing in a comment section ... that since they're struggling coming up iwth new SC, why not remake the first one using latest rendering tech via AnvilNext+ engine (a la Dead Space Remake project) ....
Heh, looks like they went with Snowdrop engine, which is even better atm ...

darthv72358d ago

I know the first three got the HD remaster treatment but it is nice to see the original get its own full remake. That one is still one of my favorites.

RaidenBlack358d ago

They didn't announce the platforms.
Hope they're planning it as a current-gen only rather than pulling an 'Ubisoft' and make it a Switch inclusive cross-gen.

4Sh0w358d ago

Damm I've been asking for a new Splinter Cell for along time. Although Id prefer a all new game at this point I'll take any modern day SC I can get my hands on.....shiii I thought this was going to at least show something new other than talk but oh well the wait continues.

0hMyGandhi357d ago

agreed. As long as they don't try to throw in that "point and execute" system. That ruined the series for me.

outsider1624357d ago

I'm hoping all 3( Splinter Cell, Pandorra and Chaos Theory) get the remake treatment. I love those games.

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BenRC01358d ago

Its borderline unplayable as a straight port. Its a very old game and feels like it.

darthv72358d ago

did you not play the hd trilogy? It worked just fine on ps3. Its what i play if i want to play. i keep an original xbox version around now just for soft modding.

RaidenBlack358d ago

Yea .... that's why they're remaking it and not remastering it.

Garethvk357d ago

I wonder if they will use the same script or totally start from scratch.

BLow357d ago

Yes, and I say remake Ghost Recon Future Soldier while they're at it.

MajorLazer357d ago

This is great news. Wouldn't trust Ubisoft with a new SC, so it's for the best they are remaking a classic, hopefully sticking to the feel of the original.

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Relientk77358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

I don't know if I'd trust current Ubisoft with a new Splinter Cell game, so a remake is a good call. Now they just need to do it justice, and do it right.

Double_O_Revan358d ago

I've said a million times, I'd never trust modern Ubisoft to make a new one. But a remake could work. However, I hope they don't 'Prince of Persia' this remake and actually put some effort in.

Garethvk357d ago

I hope it truly moves the series forward and is not just a rehash with a ton of cosmetics to buy.

RaidenBlack357d ago

I just recalled ... weren't they doing a Prince of Persia Remake, too?

CrimsonWing69358d ago

Look, Ubisoft, all you have to do is make a traditional next-gen Splinter Cell Game. Please for the love of everything holy and pure DO NOT make this an open-world GaaS game. Please!!!

LordoftheCritics358d ago

I would take a GTA scale Splinter Cell. Not Ubi hub based.

And I want every room in every building accessible and filled with options.

Then maybe open world.

Inverno358d ago

Nah they'll make it faithful, but when they announce a reboot the year after they'll reveal an open world game and hype it up with all the usual buzz words. They'll add a BR mode that plays "true to Splinter Cell", followed by NFTs in the later months.

Garethvk357d ago

That engine is what they make The Division series on.

MaximusPrime_358d ago

Splinter Cell was the reason for me buying an Xbox because of it's exclusivity. Very happy to hear that a remake is underway. i don't mind a replay of that great game. looking forward to up-to-date graphic and quality. I'm pretty sure this will not be an openworld, otherwise the game will be ruined.

outsider1624357d ago

I actually saved money for an xbox for this game. I already had a PS2 and couldn't afford another one. I remember saving it..and then later they announced it for the Ps2.

thesoftware730358d ago

My son is super happy about this announcement. He has fingers crossed that they deliver on the stealth aspect like they mention in this announcement.

I liked conviction better, Mark & Execute was dope. I know I am in the minority with that opinion tho.

BenRC01358d ago

I though blacklist was excellent, easily the best game for me.

bloop358d ago

@thesoftware: I was massively hyped for conviction but ultimately let down. I wasn't a fan of the mark and execute mechanic. While it looked cool, I think it was a bit ridiculous being handed an insta win after getting a couple of takedowns. And whoever thought it was a good idea to get rid of the light/dark meter and replace it by having the screen turn black and white was on drugs. I can't believe they left that in the game.

Garethvk357d ago

I am curious if you will be able to play to your style. Hitman is never ideal for me as I am not a fan of stealth and I actually like the challenge of completing missions while taking out tons of bad guys.