Gaming Verdict: Top 10 Zombie Apocalypse Games

Gaming Verdict presents a countdown that you won't want to miss...are you prepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse? You might stand a chance if you've played through the Top 10 Zombie Apocalypse Games!

"Being a big fan of zombie-cinema, I naturally tend to play almost everything related to the genre that I can get my hands on. So here it is, a top ten list comprised solely of games that depict the inevitable forthcoming zombie apocalypse. You all know it's going to happen one day, so may as well get some virtual training in before it's too late!"

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Are_The_MaDNess3595d ago

same old zombies lol
cant they come up whit somthinng new?

Vir Lucis3595d ago

I bet you hadn't heard of some of those entries on that list ;) Zombies may be in fashion at the moment...but that doesn't make them any less cool! Plus I figured I would highlight some of the less acclaimed games that deserve to be remembered rather than the usual suspects. Urban Dead, Last Night on Earth, Zombi, Infected are all under-rated games that deserve more attention.

Regardless, zombies rule. Simple as that :D

Timesplitter143595d ago

Dead Rising #1?

*throws up*

It's good but not better than L4D and RE

Vir Lucis3595d ago

It's most definitely better than Left 4 Dead - at least until the PC modding community gets their hands on it...that game is seriously lacking in many areas (but is still awesome enough to overcome that and place at number 3!).

Dead Rising is going to be a series to beat all other zombie series...mark my words ;) Part of the accolade was because of this fact. Plus I'm a Romero nutter so obviously I relate to it much more ;)

ChampIDC3595d ago

It's really hard to choose between L4D, RE, and Dead Rising for me. They're all amazing in their own aspects. If there's one thing Dead Rising wins at, it's that it's completley ridiculous and hilarious.

The Dark Knight3595d ago

i bought a 360 just for dead rising :)

ShAkKa3595d ago

i`m sorry but Dead Rising is not better than Resident Evil no other zombie game is.

ChampIDC3595d ago

To be honest, I couldn't stand playing RE games until the 4th game. I can't stand the stiff controls. I do enjoy watching the original games, though. I wish they'd go back to the original games with the new control and camera format. The stories and environments were awesome. I'd love to play them without getting mad at the controls.

austere3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

wow nice list for ONCE.

My first thought was I can't even think of 10 good zombie games. Then I thought Dead Rising better be number one. Thank goodness it is. Dead Rising is one of the best games put out this generation of consoles and one of the most fun games I've ever played in my 23 years. Sickens me to see there are already comments here saying Dead Rising doesn't deserve it. Still one of the prettiest games out today and watching a zombie turn into a fountain of blood never gets old. Glad I know what I'm talking about and you don't. People that disagree...lemme guess...don't own a 360. = win

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The story is too old to be commented.