Xbox 360 tops PS3, Wii in online buzz

Microsoft's Xbox 360 is currently the most buzzed about video game console, topping Sony's PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii, Nielson Online reported.

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This should not be a suprise.The 360 is at its sweet point.Gears2 and £199 is to good of a deal to let go.That is why mine is coming in a couple of days.

psn is jon_abobo. il give out my 360 id when it comes.

Real Gambler3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Doesn't mean anything whatsoever... 46% of which messages? If we're talking about 46% of the messages on internet, it doesn't mean it's a good thing! (A good chunk of those were about RRoD)

Remember, this is from "The Internet media and market research service". So no matter how you spin it, having more messages on internet about a product is not such a great thing when many of them are about how to fix a 360 with a towel...

caffman3600d ago

for £210, a 60gd 360, gears 1 and 2, mirrors edge, fallout 3 and a wireless adapter buddy

Heldrasil3599d ago

@ 1.1 "What kind of stats is that????"
I believe the proper Enlgish phrase would have been "What kind of stats ARE THESE"...

Nathan Drake3600d ago

How is this relevant to my gaming needs and wants :'( ?

Sayai jin3600d ago

Good point, but articles about who sold more consoles or this game sold more, etc does what for anyones gaming. It doesn't, but thats N4G.

Gr813600d ago

I agree with Drake on this one. I should care about this why? exactly? Just look at the NPD for november, and wait for december. Nuff said.

bomboclaat_gamer3600d ago

if u didnt care why will u be checking NPD for numbers?

season0073600d ago

it gives me gaming orgasm /sarcasm

mint royale3600d ago

Erm congrats...I guess....

cpt_kaos3600d ago

That's the Buzzing noise when it heats up then RROD on ya.;)

devilhunterx3600d ago

Not a suprise

go to google, and type "XBOX 360 RROD help"

Bell Boy3600d ago

lol exactly what I was thinking....thousands of threads and videos on that topic

Foxgod3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Results 1 - 10 of 8.580.000 for ps3 broken

Believe it or not, every device breaks, only with 360 it happens mostly because of rrod.

Sayai jin3600d ago

The whole RROD comments are a dread bit tired. The same with the pathetic Delaystation.
We all know that RROD was and is still effecting the 360, but I have 2 original launch 360's with no problems to date (fingers crossed, a Wii that has worked flawlessly, and now I am on my 2nd PS3. My first one blew it's power supply after 2 weeks. Was I upset, no, becuase I know every device breaks and I had 2 other consoles to enjoy while I got a new one.

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The story is too old to be commented.