Nintendo Link's Favorite Game Soundtracks

The Never Yak recently had the idea that everyone who works with Nintendo Link should write a small piece on their favorite game soundtracks, and this is such a fun and eclectic collection.

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Seven Video Games We'd Love To See Get TV Adaptations

The WellPlayed team has come together to share which video games they’d like to see turned into a TV show.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed Brings the Xeno Saga to a Glorious Close

Xeno fans rejoice! The six-part saga has finally been told!

Xenogears was originally supposed to be a six part series, but Squaresoft cut the budget for the first game and canceled future plans. Xenosaga, published by Bandai Namco, was its spritual successor, and it too was supposed to be a six part series but was cut to a trilogy after subpar sales for Xenosaga 2.

Future Redeemed is by far the best DLC of the Xenoblade series, achieving its lofty goals of introducing new characters, reconnecting with older ones, and closing a narrative that Monolith Soft’s main man Tetsuya Takahashi has been trying to tell since 1998.

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Night in the Woods and Overland launch on PS5

The BAFTA-winning Night in the Woods and the post-apocalyptic strategy game Overland are now available on PS5.

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