Silent Hill’s creator thinks a remake would ‘need a rethink’

The creator of Silent Hill has told VGC that he believes it would be more difficult to remake a Silent Hill game than a Resident Evil one.

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-Foxtrot533d ago

I don’t know

If they did a remake in the style of the RE2 Remake I’d be good with that

Magog532d ago

He's saying it isn't an action game so you would have to refine the controls and interface to bring the player closer and deeper into the horror to have the same effect on the user as the original. I think possibly VR or just adding more challenging enemies might be along the lines of what he's saying. As an atmospheric horror game rather than an action horror game the constant threat of danger and overwhelming sense of dread is most important.

532d ago
Knightofelemia533d ago

Konami could careless the fans demand a remake, reboot, even a proper remaster. Capcom has proved that remakes can do well with RE2. Fans are saying you build it I will buy it take my money but all Konami hears is the trumpet sound you hear in a Charlie Brown cartoon when the adults talk.

CantThinkOfAUsername532d ago

Couldn't care less.

If it could care less, that means it cares a lot. And careless is an adjective. A verb always comes after 'could, would or should.'

galgor532d ago

Oh hey grammer police whatup?lol

BenRC01532d ago

A proper brit I'm guessing. Sick of Americans butchering that phrase too.

DJStotty531d ago

What is worse than saying "could careless" is them that say "i brought an xbox" ITS BOUGHT, your not bringing it anywhere your buying it!!!!

Vengeance1138532d ago

Not sure I would trust the Silent Hill creator's words now after the reveal of his latest project Slitterhead. That music in the trailer rly massacred the tone as it felt more like an action game with horror elements rather than a full on horror title. Alan Wake 2 is looking like more of a horror game than Slitterhead.

P_Bomb532d ago

So it wasn’t just me. I like Akira Yamaoka but the edit with the music kinda pulled me out. I’m all in for Alan Wake 2 though!

Magog532d ago

It was a hype trailer. The music in the actual game I'm sure will be darker.

Pedrof532d ago

The character was hard to control back then, and I think it actually added a great deal to the experience. Nowadays this aspect wouldn't be saved in a remake, new devs would make the game far more "playable" and as a result it would clearly lack the flavour of the original.

P_Bomb532d ago

What if they added a depletable stamina bar ala Alan Wake? That could slow the pace a bit.

Magog532d ago

Yeah that's why I suggested they might need to make the enemies more dangerous or aggressive to balance that.

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