Hellblade II Comparison Shows Huge Character Models, Animations & Visual Improvements

A new early Senua's Saga: Hellblade II comparison video has been shared online, highlighting the massive improvements over the original game.

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DJStotty153d ago

Great comparison video, the difference is night and day, and seeing them side by side, both games you can tell it is gameplay as stated for Senua's Saga.

Bring it on Xbox, i'm ready.

dbcoops153d ago

Highly scripted cut scenes is not gameplay for Senua's Saga, even Digital Foundry has already alluded to that fact. Visuals looks great but people need to stop with the "gameplay" narrative as very little of what was shown at the Game Awards show was actual gameplay.

153d ago
dbcoops153d ago (Edited 153d ago )


Let me just respond to your 21 minute old alt account. Literally said it visually looks great (that's whats called a compliment) but its not gameplay (that's whats called a factual observation). Did it destroy Digital Foundry too since they basically said the same thing and they would know far more about it then you? I'm not the one being a fanboy here or making personal attacks that behavior only seems to becoming from one side.

4Sh0w153d ago

Yes the game looks superb but for the record I prefer games that are more about player control than cinematics. I do question your take on what Digital Foundry said....which is why you say Digital Foundry "alluded to the fact", well if they knew for a fact whats gameplay & whats not then they would have said so.

--Onilink--153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Highly scripted gameplay and highly scripted cutscene are not the same things.

Even DF referred to it as gameplay, not a cutscene. Its not unlike the highly scripted gameplay sequences in Uncharted games. Will all parts of the game look like that? No, because it wont use those cinematic camera shots for everything, but that doesnt mean it cant be gameplay

chronoforce153d ago

It appears to be gameplay blended with cinematics. When Senua is running toward the troll you can see the camera being panned pretty much as one would pan a camera from behind the player in game. If you look closely you can even see the cuts where the cinematic and gameplay camera switch over.

dbcoops153d ago (Edited 153d ago )


"drawn out into a gamplay stretch, gameplay I would put in kinda BRACKETS here because it is EXTREMELY scripted linear sequence"

6:20 into the video

Hopefully that answers your questions as its pretty clear what he meant and people can down vote all they like it doesn't change the fact.

DF even states some aspects don't look as good as the original teaser. Send your hate mail to them not me.


No they didn't. Yes it does mean it can't be gameplay because it isn't gameplay but I think people are confused as to what gameplay is or they are just so desperate for it to be they wont listen to reason or use common sense. Those sections you refer to in the Uncharted series aren't gampelay either they are high quality in engine cut scenes just like this was for Hellbalde 2. The only difference was all of those were running on console where this was no doubt running on an extremely high end PC for the game awards show.

--Onilink--153d ago

You are the one who seems pretty confused about what a cutscene is… if you cant control the character, its a cutscene, if you can, its gameplay. Simple as that.

And go watch their DF Weekly, they clearly mention its gameplay but highly scripted

4Sh0w153d ago (Edited 153d ago )


"drawn out into a gamplay stretch, gameplay I would put in kinda BRACKETS here because it is EXTREMELY scripted linear sequence"

-lol, even that cherry picked line does NOT say its NOT says its extremely scripted linear sequence. My interpretation of that is like when they camera moves for cinematic affect while the player is in control but forced to stay within a set sequence of events, not normal gameplay but not just a cutscene either= which again Im not a fan of this pseudo gameplay style, visually it looks great but I like full control of my character. Oh and what do you mean send my hate to DF, no hate here, loI, Im just talking about the game.

dbcoops153d ago


No I'm quite clear about the difference, the majority of what was shown during the Game Awards presentation could not be controlled. I'm also capable of communicating without insults, why can't you?.

"And go watch their DF Weekly, they clearly mention its gameplay but highly scripted"

Go watch the link I already posted where they said they would put the term gameplay in brackets, meaning calling it gampelay is a huge stretch.


"cherry picked"? Lol I literally pointed you to the comment he made regarding the video because YOU questioned it and you call it cherry picked. Because you don't like what he said and becasue it lends validity to what I'm saying doesn't make it cherry picked, you guys always demand proof and when its given you come up with another excuse as to why it doesn't count.

"My interpretation of that is like when they camera moves for cinematic affect while the player is in control"

That may well be your interpretation but its wrong, again and for the final time because I can see this is getting us nowhere and it will end up being the usual back and forth and insults from everyone who disagrees with me but the majority of what was shown was a scripted UNcontrolled cinematic cut scene.

"I just thought were having a discussion."

If only. That's never on the table when anyone says anything that could be even slightly interpreted as a slight against xbox, which is hilarious considering I have said the whole time it looks great its just not gameplay. I'm done discussing it.

DJStotty152d ago (Edited 152d ago )


All the devs are adamant it is gameplay, why is it so hard for you to believe?

"Hellblade II Audio Director David García says that the gameplay demo which the
team showcased at TGA is real gameplay without any tricks"

If you can press a button, to move the camera, run, move position it is GAMEPLAY, a cut-scene is where you put the controller down, and watch until you regain control.

At this point you are just really trying too hard with the downplay, i have a small suggestion, play the game when it comes out, and then see whether or not it is gameplay?

Flewid638152d ago

Gameplay or cutscene isn't the point. The point of what they showed was that it was in real-time,

4Sh0w152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

"becasue it lends validity to what I'm saying doesn't make it cherry picked"

-No it does not lend validity to what you said. YOU said it was NOT gameplay, I said DF did not say that. If you would have said its not *traditional gameplay, where the player has FULL control, then OK, but thats not what you said. You tried to dismiss it only as a cutscene, that would be wrong as there are *gameplay elements within the sequence, even if it's limited. In fact the proofs in the pudding, you wouldn't need to use qualifiers like "alluded to" & "put the term in brackets", meaning they couldn't directly say "its NOT gameplay", if it was so simple No brackets would be needed, again which was my original point.

lol, you keep acting like you're some noble hero of truth being attacked by me, yet I haven't said one insult directed at you, I simply disagreed with you. I dont care if you're done or not.

Lightning77152d ago

What If I'm told you the dev said it was gameplay.

You love punishment and embarrassment must be a fetish or something.

strifeblade152d ago

Actually developers just confirmed there are no tricks. All that was in game and gameplay. No cut scenes. Get use to it

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Obscure_Observer153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Amazing work from Ninja Theory.

Hellblade II will look even more fantastic once polished and finished.

Thank you Phil!

This video just shut the mouth of a few idiots who said that Ninja Theory would would get worst under MS by losing their talented crew, independence, freedom of creation and be forced to create GaaS only games.

Also, Xbox has set the graphics bar HIGH and will continue to allow devs to do what they WANT. Great Single Player experiences coming to Xbox platforms soon.

I can´t wait to see Xbox´s next UE5 games by The Coalition and InXile. *_*

DJStotty152d ago

It's gonna be epic next year for games!!

Ninver153d ago

Well if it wasn't an improvement that would be concerning

0rbital71153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

prefer the orignal look tbh, but im sure this game be great. looks like she has broken nose in new game.

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porkChop153d ago

I don't believe they stated what platform it was running on.

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