Psychonauts 2 tells one of the best stories games have ever told

From the mechanics to the environments, nearly everything in Psychonauts 2 serves the game’s narrative

PhillyDillyDee914d ago

I really wanted to like it but the gameplay just didnt do it enough for me to want to see it through. I know im missing out though…

foker914d ago

What story? The necessary gay one? Dialogue is pretty great though,.. They really screwed the people with no NG+ so you basically cannot 100% it if you haven't done specific thing in specific sublevel... But game itself is pretty good.

Zarock914d ago

No it doesn't. It's childish with no charm and highly overrated. Don't even let me start with the platforming and simple game mechanics.

VersusDMC914d ago

"Best story games have ever told"

That's as cringe as saying it's the Citizen Kane of videogames. Good job Polygon.

Magog914d ago

"From the mechanics to the environments, nearly everything in Psychonauts 2 serves the game’s narrative"

Yes, but in a very obvious way. Real art uses metaphor and challenging symbolism. Look at Silent Hill 2 as an example. You fight door monsters and faceless nurses. Why? Because having to open his wife's hospital room was excruciating as was the constant flow of nurses as she lay dying. Now that is a story worth celebrating.

Ethereal914d ago

Bit of a spoiler there. But, I can't help but agree. Silent Hill 2 was incredible with its use of symbolism.

EmperorDalek914d ago

I don't think anyone minds spoilers for PS1 games these days, it's fine.

EmperorDalek914d ago

"Real art", as though anyone can define such a thing. I don't think subtlety is a strict requirement. The existence of metaphors and symbolism in art can often come down to the interpretation of its viewers, even when it's not intended by the creator. Silent Hill 2 possibly has the best story in horror games, but Psychonauts 2 couldn't tell a story in the same way.

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rpad94d ago

my friend said that a Best Buy clerk insisted that the game was called "Psycho Mouse"


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Orchard489d ago

I'm about 9 episodes into this and it's great. They've been recording it for long, long time, pre Kickstarter and Rhombus.

XxINFERNUSxX489d ago

Looks like it's 33 episodes. Going to keep this, using All Video Downloader. 😊