Forza Horizon 5 Set a New Forza Franchise Launch Month Sales Record, Says NPD

Forza Horizon 5 managed to set a new Forza franchise record when it comes to launch month sales, according to the latest NPD report. Shin Megami Tensei V also set a new dollar sales record for the franchise.

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darkrider718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

Damn the pokemon power. Still going so strong! Crazy stuff. Only Cod and battlefield could beat him. Unbelievable. Crazy success of shin megami tensei! Cod still the king. Like or not.

4Sh0w718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

Forza Horizon 5 is a beast, just a phenomenal game from top to bottom. The fact that its available on Gamepass yet still near the top with games like COD, Battlefield & Pokemon which everyone who wanted to play those other games had no choice but to buy them. In other words even with over 10mil playing FH5 via Gamepass it still sold enough to be near the top with industry heavy hitters...that says alot about the greatness that Playground delivered, its the best racer there is imo.

gamer7804717d ago

It has potential but it’s multiplayer is broken. I’ve honestly have never been so disappointed in a Forza game.

roadkillers718d ago

The Pokemon sales do not include downloads, which is estimated on other consoles to be a majority of sales.

strifeblade718d ago ShowReplies(2)
thesoftware730718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

Forza, 4th best selling game behind those big names!
Key word 'Selling'. That is big since its included with GP...Cant keep and excellent game down.

CoD always wins, I my self find the series fun, just let down by Zombies this year. Hopefully they can make up for it with additional content during the seasons.

SpineSaw718d ago

Call of Duty "will" always win. I don't get all the hate it gets from people then day one the same people purchase it and on Xbox there is no other franchise to compare to Call of Duty.

gamer7804717d ago (Edited 717d ago )

My favorite part of the call of duty is driving around wherever I want in a mclaren with friends…

Teflon02718d ago

Kinda feel bad for Forza. It actually deserved to be 1 or 2. But launching with Battlefield, CoD and Pokémon is like asking to come last unfortunately

yuukiliu718d ago

it's free on gamepass, add those numbers and it's number 1 by a huge margin

ReadyPlayer22718d ago

But I was told Game Pass killed sales? That was the narrative in the UK article about Forza's initial sale numbers.

ocelot07718d ago

Without gamepass it could have beaten cod and battlefield.

Even though I have Gamepass for another 2 months. I bought Forza horizon 5 as its class.and deserves all the sales it gets.

Stuff like Halo and Gears am glad there on GP as I didn't have to waste me money on them.

darkrider718d ago

Games like forza shouldn't be on gp day one. This just shows that. Much less halo or forza and gears, but ori and other low profile games could.

718d ago
SpineSaw718d ago


"Without gamepass it could have beaten cod and battlefield."
please Bro what are you smoking are where do the rest of us get it? ..... Thanks for the laugh.

4Sh0w718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

I think some of you are missing the point. Sure its nice that Forza sold alot even though it's on Gamepass but ANYTHING thats part of a subscription does NOT NEED to sell well individually/physically, no it needs to drive up subs and keep the subscribers happy longterm= thats the whole point. From Playgrounds point of view, they are 1st party so they got paid either way, from Microsoft point of view they'll take your money but they would rather you were a new longterm subscriber. Game sales no longer are just about traditional sales methods for Microsoft. As stated before gamepass increases spending within the Xbox ecosystem with gamepass subscribers playing 40% more & spending 20% more compared to people who just a buy their games.

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darkrider718d ago

Exactly. Thats why it's not on 1, 2 or 3... And that those 10 millions that play the game didn't buy it. That's one of the problems. No matter how good it's just a rent...

thesoftware730718d ago (Edited 718d ago )


Ori is hardly a low profile game. go check Metacritic. Not to mention IMO(as well as judging from MC score) it beats the pants off of most higher budget games. 2 mill sold for WotW, and countless GotY nominations and wins.

What makes it low profile?

718d ago
718d ago
darkrider718d ago

Software730. Forza is a system seller like halo and gears. Gamers buy the console to play it. Ori, age of empires flight simulator and others aren't. They are niche games. Gamers don't buy consoles to play those.

718d ago
thesoftware730718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

Nope, you said "Low profile games". That is a big difference from a system seller..it seems more like an attempt to downplay something.

Metroid is not really a system seller. but not low profile at all.

Returnal is not a system seller. But not low profile.

Your choice of wordplay was obvious and suspect.
2 mill sold is better that some "High Profile" games, and hardly something to make it seem needed to be diminished.

I'm pointing out that ilu used the wrong game to make a not good point to begin with.

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Neonridr718d ago

it definitely hurts sales, but MS is clearly ok with that tradeoff. I picked it up on Steam and it was well worth the price of purchase.

ABizzel1718d ago

I mean this isn't really a good indicator, or a bad one for that matter. Coming in 4th for a debut game normally is a bad look, but considering the 3 games that it launched against, it's understandable. Without a number we won't know for sure.

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OG_TK_Cole718d ago

I guess the argument that Xbox Game Pass keeps Gamers from buying video games was wrong. Forza Horizon 5 Is a very good game. It definitely deserves all the praise it is getting. Congrats to Playground Games.

darkrider718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

Not really. For that to be true it would have to be much higher in the charts. This was the first must have since the launch of the console and its also on last gen consoles and pc. Don't know anyone that says it's great to be 4... There talks about 10 millions played the game... If only half of those or even less got the game.... Amazing game, scores. Did they get the game? It's easy to see the majority didn't. Thats GP for you.

OG_TK_Cole718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

Kind Sir please go find someone else to debate with. Im a grown man with kids, Im not on vdieo game websites to debate my opinions, or yours. HAVE A WONDERFUL REST OF YOUR DAY.

718d ago
Atom666718d ago

Lol, it was only outsold by COD, BF, and Pokemon.

I'm sure there are better articles where you can preach about the evils of GP.

This one ain't it.

SpineSaw718d ago


"I guess the argument that Xbox Game Pass keeps Gamers from buying video games was wrong"

I not sure many will agree with the comment. You got another Xbox 1st party release that's sold really well in say they last 5yrs or since Game Pass released? Both Sony and Nintendo have no trouble selling there 1st party games but Game Pass is a thing because Microsoft can't sell there's.

Nacho_Z717d ago

It certainly proves that it doesn't stop people buying Forza Horizon. Whether that means that it disproves the idea that games in general won't sell well is another matter entirely.