Why Pereira and Sessler are Both Wrong

No, this isn't some fanboy rant about which game was neglected. This is about discussing games the way they deserve to be discussed.

TGR's Andrew Groen writes: "If there is, in fact, a correct answer to this debate, as Sessler and Periera would have you believe, then gaming is not art. There is no such thing as an indisputable "best work of art." However, there is a true answer to what is the best operating system (depending on your needs) or the best internet browser, in terms of features and capabilities. If we're going to talk about a true answer to which is the best game then we are boiling video games down to basic pieces of software."

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cain1413601d ago

The author makes some strong points here.


Y should u care who wins GOTY.Just play the game u want.N4G is not how it use to be back in the day.Nowadays we just have fan boys with multiple accounts that spam and post sh1t if a game gets a low review score.That is there opinion of giving fable2 game of the year so just deal with it.

cain1413601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )


Did you even read the article?

Viewtiful3601d ago

lol Not only did he not read the article, he didn't even read the synopsis.

prowiew3600d ago

Don't the author knows that this was on g4tv? Especially on Attack of the Show, an entertaintment show?

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ThePimpOfSound3601d ago

Of course, to make claims like this is to call the "Game of the Year" concept into question as well, as it intrinsically implies that you're wrong if you disagree.

Really, though, this is a way to attract attention, so hopefully it will lead to a greater discourse of the games in question and not petty name calling between two colleagues.

That'd just be wrong.

Viewtiful3601d ago

I see what you did there at the end...clever lol.

SirLarr3601d ago

Isn't that whole article just common sense?

Viewtiful3601d ago

Clearly it's not since some of the most prominent people in the industry don't seem to understand.

Bnet3433601d ago

Of course this is common sense. You can't be wrong about an opinion, it makes no sense. This is the same thing as people complaining about a review score.

MasterBlaster3601d ago

Ok then lets say my opinion is that Too Human is GOTY.... I would be wrong. That would make my opinion wrong.

Nathan Drake3601d ago

Sorry,you gave it GOTY because Molyneux gave your publication a f*cking exclusive on his upcoming projects,you KNOW that it doesn't deserve it GOTY since there are much better Ps3,Xbox 360,Wii,and PC games that came out in 2008 that absolutely run laps around Fable 2 in every aspect-Gameplaywise,Graphicwis e,Musicwise,Onlinewise,etc.

cain1413601d ago

lol They probably did.

GiantEnemyCrab3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Oh big surprise. Nathan Drake avatar is the dead giveaway. Another PS3 supporter claiming a conspiracy and pay off.

Unless you can provide some kind of proof give it up.

Fable 2 is well deserving of GOTY. My guess is you have never even played the game. Excellent gameplay, excellent story, excellent soundtrack and while it may not be the first choice in some gamers minds it has all the makings of a game that deserves the honor.

IN MY OPINION! <- important thing to add and something you should of said in your post.

So Easy I Can Do It3601d ago

You know Fable 2 isn't GOTY quality.
And lets not point fingers at who's the fanboy cause three of your is pointing back at you.

Gears 2 should be GOTY instead of Fable 2 no doubt.

austere3601d ago

wrong. Having played all the big games out that are deserving of GOTY....

MGS4 takes it hands down, no doubt in my mind and I don't see how anyone could see otherwise. It is a masterpiece. Gears was great but no where near as lasting in your mind once you are done with it like MGS4 is. Sad that Dead Space got completely shut out when it was so amazing.'s MGS4 all the way.

ReTarDedFisHy3601d ago

MGS4 wins so hard, I'm not even going to explain why.

krauley3600d ago

and then vote in december, what game are you gonna think about and remember more of......?

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iTZKooPA3601d ago

I just hope that we don't all become snobs...

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