Halo Infinite Playlist & Challenge Update


Lock and load, Spartans – Several new updates have been deployed for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer today including community requested playlist additions and challenge adjustments. We’re humbled and grateful at the showing of support since launch – thank you to everyone who has provided constructive feedback and reported issues at the Halo Support site. Today marks another step forward as we partner with you to improve and evolve Halo Infinite. We look forward to resuming work addressing player feedback after the team recharges over the holidays.

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4Sh0w470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

Loving this game so far. Ive spent plenty of hours just scowering the planet for all the comms & items for the multiplayer. Chief is fast on his feet in this game & the grapple hook really adds a whole new layer that makes the combat so fluid...nothing like jumping around like a monkey with the shotgun variant blasting a few grunts, then grappling a brute for a power finisher. I should be done with the campaign soon & with more MP content & modes coming next week I feel like the fun is going to be nonstop.

Jin_Sakai469d ago

About time! I’m tired of being forced to play modes I don’t want to play and struggling to get the right mode to complete challenges.

Si-Fly469d ago

Yeah, I had two challenges left for this week and had to give up last night because the right mode wouldn’t pop.

Eamon469d ago

Thank god for a dedicated Slayer playlist.

I am sick to death of Oddball. I don't think I've played this much oddball during the entire Bungie trilogy and Reach.

Vits469d ago

The funny thing about the lack of playlists is that I only played Oddball twice in my 20+ hours of gameplay. Capture the flag though. Oh boy....

Snookies12469d ago

I've played about 200 matches now based on my profile info. But I haven't gotten sick of any of the game modes yet. The gameplay itself is just a lot of fun. Though I am super happy to be getting a slayer and SWAT playlist! People have been complaining a good bit, but I have to keep reiterating. The game is still brand new. And the MP is still considered a Beta.

I'm just really glad that the devs have been so on top of getting updates out, and listening to feedback as well as they have. Any developer that does that gets huge points in my book. Used to hate 343, didn't even want to touch Halo 4 or 5. But their clear commitment to gauging fan's thoughts and interests has really won me over. I just hope I don't get burned by them anywhere down the line, haha. Never been a big Microsoft fan in general, but always loved Halo 1-3. Incredible games for their time, no doubt.

KingKionic 469d ago

We are living the life now boys.

Halo infinite multiplayer is simply perfection.

Tacoboto469d ago

Tactical Slayer variant with only Shock Rifles, then it'll be perfection.

The closest we'll ever get to Unreal Championship/Tournament's Instagib

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