'Halo Infinite' Is a Fun Sandbox Stuck Inside a Very Old Video Game

Vice : You've tasted these flavors before, and their novelty wore out a dozen years ago in a dozen other games.

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Orchard354d ago

I finally got some time to sit down and play this properly this weekend, and it’s a blast. The start is slow but once you get out into the open world, it’s immense fun!

The game also looks stunning at 4K with high refresh rate.

CaptainHenry916353d ago

The PC version has a lot of issues and is not well optimized

VerminSC353d ago

Honestly why I switched from PC gaming awhile back. Was so sick of the bad ports, and always having to deal with minor issues.

CaptainHenry916353d ago

It's not every game though. Most of the time the developers will patch up the game. It's not a big deal to me if it's minor issues that can be fix. PC just has more options for me

Sayai jin353d ago

Yes, I have been playing on PC (3090) and Series X, and the games needs to be optimized quite a bit more for PC.

iplay1up2353d ago

If the new consoles can run games as well as The Matrix Awakens, I will be happy. The level of detail is amazing. The destruction of the cars is definitely a step up.

Infinite runs very well, on my Series X. I have a gaming PC too, but prefer my consoles. Infinite is definitely better than the last 2 Halo games. The gameplay is smooth and fun, at least on Series X.

dolfa352d ago

It is well optimized once you update your drivers. Playing on maxed settings with 6800 xt 3440x1440p at 85 fps on open.

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XbladeTeddy353d ago

You can play it at 4k? Over on the Steam forums people are struggling with 3090's with this game.

Orchard353d ago

Yeah - and I’m on a worse GPU than 3090. The only issue I’ve had so far was twice it seemed to freeze the entire game for like 30-60 seconds.

Seemed to be when getting near some of the larger buildings like the mining ones early-ish on.

yoshatabi353d ago

I have a 3080 and can play it fine on 4k.

XbladeTeddy353d ago

@yoshatabi: define fine, because its bringing 3090's to their knees at 4k because poor optimisation.

Sayai jin353d ago

Nope, I have run this on my 3080 and 3090 at 4k. The issues I am mainly experiencing is delay,/stuttering when it transitions from cutscene to game play.

GamerX23353d ago

I had no issue as far Frames per second on my 3090-5900x. I will say they need to fix the crashing to desktop though. The game was a blast best game for fun factor I played all year.

hollabox353d ago

If your motherboard supports it turn on Smart Access Memory or Resizable Bar depending on your platform. Most people don't test with sidebar on but on my 6700XT it can get me up to 60 FPS at 3360X1890 using a mix of high/ultra settings. With that said, I play multiple player on PC, and currently playing the Single Player on my XSX. Sp plays better on my XSX connected to my OLED and look just as nice if not better due to Dolby Vision on my LG G1 than my PC connected to my Sony 900E 4K set.

DJStotty352d ago


The 3090 has issues with other games/apps also, whilst the 3080 handles them fine, it is more driver issue than anything.

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ColtPSSX353d ago

It’s really not that great looking imo and I guess Im old school, but the open world really isn’t all that impressive.

I enjoyed the beginning linear segment more then the open world tbh.
Still really fun but I rather they just went linear then openworld.

TheDoomedGuy353d ago

Same here. Enjoying it quite a bit up until the open world segment. The open world was wholly unnecessary.

blackblades353d ago

Not every game needs open world, they probably shouldve stayed semi linear

Ashby_JC353d ago

As soon as I got to the OPEN world part and saw the Far Cry type liberating areas I let out a sigh (I dont think I care to play this anymore)

Also you can tell the open world was set up for co-op which is missing of course. Glad I did not drop $60 on this.

NeoGamer232353d ago

I have played about 10 missions/side missions now. Totally enjoy it. The grapple makes things a lot different. You can decide how you want to approach an area, and I usually take some sort of sniper rifle to soften the enemies then move in to do cleanup. Platforming to get to the location is fun and it is surprising that you can pretty much get anywhere in the game. Collecting is also fun. And the gameplay is silky smooth on XB.

Halo Infinite reminds me of Halo 3 Chapter 8 - The Covenant (I think that is the mission) where you are going in an area where you have to take down multiple barriers. You can do them in whatever order you want and over a good sized area. Infinite is very much the same. It is just the whole game is like that. And the open world has much more purpose in Halo Infinite.

I agree with the reviewer that if you play this straight for 40-60 hours it would become old and repetitive. But, Halo has always been a pick up and play game. And does not require constantly playing hours on end forever. In doses like I am playing it is a ton of fun and I will probably complete the campaign over weeks to months. Making it worth playing and frankly it is a ton of fun.

Thunder_G0d_Bane353d ago

Sounds good but I’m waiting for co op to play it as I’ve always played halo campaigns co op can’t imagine what it’s like playing it single player. That’s like playing gears single player to me it’s a no go.

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EnricoPallazzo353d ago

Huh. Does this reviewer know he's working for Vice? I say this because this review seems ... fair? Having only played through enough to unlock the open world and unlock a few FOBs, I can't say yet if I agree with this review, but oddly enough I didn't have to slog through a poorly written dissertation on Toxic White Masculinity and Why Didn't You Buy Me a Pony Daddy? or why Spartans are Gender Queer, Actually. Just this person's opinion on a video game that sounds like it was written by a person who actually plays and GASP LIKES playing video games. congratulations, I guess?

CS7353d ago

Yeah, Vice is garbage.

Sayai jin353d ago

Garbage? Because you don't agree with them political, socially, norally, etc? I have only seen Vice's segements on extremists groups.

CS7352d ago

@Sayai jin

As OP said, Its because they put forward these poorly written socio-political drivel and shoe horn it into the most irrelevant topics. No one wants to click a game review and read about toxic masculinity.

That makes them garbage.

XbladeTeddy353d ago

"Why Didn't You Buy Me A Pony Daddy"

Is that your wife talking?

Sayai jin353d ago

Why mention race at all?

frostypants353d ago

That's the point. The article didn't. Usually Vice DOES.

LordoftheCritics353d ago

Vice made themselves irrelevant. I almost worked for them.

CosmicTurtle353d ago

The irony of you bringing up your political prejudices into a comment on an article about a video game review that does not mention politics is hopefully not lost on you. You’re obsessed.

zumlauf14353d ago

exactly. This guys just venting his irellivent insecurities on a halo review

EnricoPallazzo352d ago

Let me spell it out for you: I did not bring up my political prejudices at all, I was commenting on the fact that a video game review in Current Year under Vice's banner also did not. I am making that comment because such a thing is exceedingly rare nowadays. I am commenting on such a thing because I wish to see video game reviews go back to the days of reviewing the actual game in question, and not have to read the reviewer's irrelevant political obsessions being dragged into it.

CS7352d ago

Nah OP is a champ. Vice is garbage.

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Yppupdam353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

I started the campaign last night and it has been very enjoyable. I kind of like how it starts off linear like a classic Halo game and then transitions to an open world style. Master Chief is a little more quick on his feet in this game as well, It is so much better than how he would lumber around like he was walking through deep mud in previous games. I actually like the skill tree (is that what it's called?) reminds me of Crysis a little (not a bad thing IMO) If I have any complaints it would be how annoying it is to have the Pilot Fernando bitch and moan constantly while your playing.

CrimsonWing69353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Yea there’s definitely some gameplay that feels old in design, like how a lot of the missions are just you fetching power seeds. Kinda tired of bullet sponge bosses that just rush you. I challenge 343 to come up with really inventive missions and boss fights that maybe require more of a puzzle-like solution to defeat rather than just spray them with bullets for 10 minutes.

I mean, I’m no game designer, but you implemented a grappling hook. Why not make a boss where you have to tear off pieces of their armor to expose weak points? Or why not make a boss that uses verticality and requires you to zip around to them. It’s freaking 2021 let’s push this genre forward. I’d even like a Bio Shock kind of inspiration where you take us to beautiful environments and feels more cinematic to play than just shooting wave after wave of enemies to find a battery to put in a device to unlock the door only to have to do it again in the same looking environments.

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Concertoine353d ago

Agreed on the battery design. Thats boring.

But on heroic, i definitely had to zip around with the hook to get the better of at least one boss. Overrall I like the bosses and theyre pretty good for a game that has never had good bosses aside from the Scarab

Xb1ps4353d ago

I tried and all that does is make you weaker.. 1-2 shots and your done, not fun. I'll give it another try after I beat the game.

353d ago
DJStotty352d ago (Edited 352d ago )


Legendary is the proper Halo playthrough, you always feel a sense of accomplishment, and personally all i choose to play any Halo on. Currently 7 hours in doing fine.

343_Guilty_Spark351d ago

It doesn't make you weaker. It makes the AI smarter and more challenging against a human opponent.

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BenRC01353d ago

There's like 3 or 4 very minor "battery fetching" bits and they're always in the same room.
Ppl moaned 4 and 5 didn't feel like old halo now ppl moan infinite feels like old halo. Gamers are stupid.

SullysCigar353d ago

Maybe. Or maybe some gamers feel one way and some the other.

353d ago
Kurt Russell352d ago

I like your boss suggestions and totally agree. These bosses are the best I have seem in a Halo game though (from what I have played). Halo has never really done bosses very well... They've always been trash.

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