The Matrix Awakens Tech Analysis + PS5 vs Xbox Series S/X Performance Analysis

Digital Foundry : Alex Battaglia, Rich Leadbetter and John Linneman convene to share their impressions and reactions to the incredible Matrix Awakens demos - plus we've interviewed Epic Games and can share much more about the technologies on display here.

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LordoftheCritics158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

PS5 wins by 1 fps in 1 scene xD

*looks at popcorn

SullysCigar158d ago

I knew it! PS5 is BEAST!

*cooks popcorn

Babadook7158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

But XSX eats beasts for breakfast. So PS5 eats XSX for breakfast?

I'm kidding of course. It's a highly preliminary test. Microsoft even sent their devs to help out their version so it may be that PS5 had an advantage of being the lead platform. But it could also be that XSX just had extra help. Need more real world examples, only time will tell.

Tech5157d ago

this was like so close to the second movie, in terms of detail. it almost felt like it was cannon.
very impressive work.

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dbcoops157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

A win is a win so congrats to Playstation on their superior performance here!

Godmars290157d ago

MS will urge a patch so the Series X can match it.

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CaptainHenry916158d ago

I still don't understand why they didn't release this tech demo on PC 🤔

Jin_Sakai158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

They said it was to prove that these consoles are capable machines. And of course show off UE5.

Fntastic158d ago

I'd be surprised if it didn't come to PC, like Richard basically says in the video that's pretty much the only way we'll get higher frame rates anytime soon.

dumahim158d ago

It will be included in UE5 later on.

Lennoxb63158d ago

There'd be no point. PCs can handle whatever you throw at it, given you have the hardware to handle it. Consoles have always been blamed for holding PC back. So this demo shows that they won't be this gen.

DarthMarvin158d ago

That doesn't change the fact that I want to try it.

Shiore2u158d ago

This demo only shows that for UE5, but not every game runs or will run on Unreal.

Extermin8or3_157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

@shiore2u Then other devs need to up their game and sort out their engines....

generic-user-name158d ago

They had a year to make it with 60-70 devs, PS5 + XSX are just 2 configurations to worry about. There are huge benefits with consoles having set-in-stone hardware.

ABizzel1157d ago

It's technically coming. The entire experience will be part of UE5, just download the engine in the Spring and you can play it on PC as well as Edit the entire map to your liking.

Godmars290157d ago

Aside from ability to play "current" exclusive console games when then said console is current, has exclusives, the PC has nothing it needs to prove.

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dumahim158d ago

I'd be interested to see how scalable it is and how it'd be on PS4 or XBO.

Lennoxb63158d ago

It'd probably be at about 720p 15 fps.

DarthMarvin158d ago

On a base XBone? It would be a slideshow.

ABizzel1157d ago

The hardware based Raytracing, and the CPU and HDD bottlenecks would be too much for any of the old consoles.

They would have to fundamentally change the demo by completely removing Raytracing, and drastically reducing things like crowd density and world simulation to get anything playable.

NeoGamer232157d ago

Hopefully not doable on these consoles. Thank you very much.

darkrider157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Maybe the pro and one x versions. Because if this runs on the s it will also run on the upgrades of last gen

BrettAwesome157d ago

No. The Series S has a much faster cpu than either upgraded last gen machine

ABizzel1157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

If it was ported direcrtly to the hardware the current consoles have, then the base consoles would crash.

The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X could theoretically run it because they have enough GPU power. However, the raytracing implementation would have to be changed to software based and be drastically reduced, as RX 470 and RX 590 GPUs have been should capable of achieving 30fps software based RT with CryTek's Neon Noir tech demo at 720p (along with some older GPUs). The reason why it won't run is because the Matrix is significantly more demanding considering there are actual game physics / simulations / etc... going on in an open-world, and the CPU and HDDs of the old consoles would not allow this to run at anything remotely near playable fps on any of the consoles.

So the GPUs of the Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and MAYBE the base PS4 Pro could run the demo if they had Zen CPUs and SSDs / NVMes powering them as well. But we'd be looking at up to 720p @ 20 ~ 30 fps XBO-X, 540p @ 20 ~ 30fps PS4 Pro, and Standard definition or lower for PS4 @ 10 ~ 25 fps (which is unplayable IMO, but you could suffer through it). The Original Xbox's biggest issues even with the CPU and SSD upgrade would be lesser GPU performance and memory bandwidth dropping fps down even lower than the PS4 and would likely just crash.

darkrider157d ago

Agree but Ray tracing on the s....

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masterfox158d ago

this demo it will change everything in how developers will tackle in developing their games for the next gen consoles in the following months and beyond, it really proves what next gen consoles can do, and even more impressive what exclusive games will look like is beyond imagination(Im seeing at you PS5 ;) ). I once said before the release of next gen consoles, that the new consoles (specially in the PS5 imo) , will be getting realtime gameplay looking very very similar to sequences found in those action movies like the Avengers or Spider Man, and heck! here we are receiving a day ago this tech demo exactly proving this!, effing AMAZING!!!, lol I still remember some nay sayers, journalist, some gamers , etc, saying that "nah next gen console won't have that huge of jump in visuals anymore".... pretty sure some will be having a great buffet of crows lol.

ApocalypseShadow158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Same here. I've mentioned that the games people are going to see in and out of VR are going to blow gamer's minds.

The only problem is this pandemic which affects staffing, hardware shortages and prices. But cross gen games definitely aren't the measure of next gen. Next gen is being held back. Cross gen is understandable in our situation. But it has to go. They tried to tell us with the first UE5 demo but most didn't listen. This demo is making them listen now. I haven't gotten a PS5 yet because a lot of these games are Cross Gen. If I can still play them on PS4 with great looks, there's no need yet just for shiny paint but current gen development.

As for me, graphically, games are going to look amazing. But I'd still want smaller, denser games with destructible backgrounds and objects, great lighting, animation, A.I. and for simulated objects to act like their real world counterparts. Wood splinters, fire burns, water can evaporate, freeze over, glass breaks, becomes dirty and hard to see through, dirt becomes mud with water, wind blows trees, dirt, rain, smoke, etc realistically and in different directions.

I don't just want bigger worlds. I want worlds that look alive if you get my meaning. A long time ago, I remember talk about Indiana Jones having this type of tech.

The game was canceled. But the idea was sound. Same with 4D aging of objects where they rust, grow, grey and such.

That type of stuff will have gamer's heads exploding like Scanners.

Stanjara157d ago

The smaller it gets, the better will look. Open world amazing, Neo at the computer... I just...I ... is it? Is this a movie? Neo solo... is this Keanu?

1nsomniac157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

You understand what a tech demo is right, and it’s purpose…

This was made solely to promote the raw technical possibilities, to promote the engine and a huge blockbuster Hollywood film with millions of budget and an incredibly vast amount of pre owned assets. This is not the norm and never will be. That’s why it’s called a tech demo.

Like every single generation before it. We won’t get games that look like this until at least the end of the generation. Now this may well be an exception because the tools will be available for free. But understand that it will make it the single exception since the beginning of the gaming industry.

ApocalypseShadow157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

We all know what a tech demo is. I bet master fox knows. Some tech demos have become games because the assets were already there. Remember this?
Those Unreal Engine assets became Gears of War. I remember looking at these tech demos and you could clearly see what developers were being told what is possible that pushes others to do better with their games. Plenty of GDC talks and sharing of information led to better games.

Using Sony as an example, many of their tech demos led to games that used or copied those examples. The Getaway tech demo that led to Sony's open world games from Infamous to Spider-Man, Warhawk tech demo that led to their online game, Killzone video that pushed the team to bring it to reality with Killzone 2. Astrobot tech demo that led to a real game. The London heist that led to Blood and Truth. Some tech demos we don't ever get to see at all until later when it's dumped online as a video.

Point is, games are going to be possible like this sooner than later. It's why Sony invested in Epic because a multiplatform engine that's free that you can do all these things from lighting, AI, textures, etc, will help third parties make games faster. Meta human creation will allow npc characters to be created faster. The whole point is to make games faster but at a higher quality. First party may never use UE5 as they usually build their own. But third parties need this. Indies need this. It won't be just at the end of this generation's cycle. No. But a lot sooner than you think. The pandemic is really the only thing that has held up progress and for us seeing this sooner. Affecting chip production and sales of hardware.

ajax17158d ago

You know it's good when Digital Foundry are impressed