Why Mario Kart 8 is a phenomenon

Nintendo Everything discusses why Mario Kart 8 has become such a phenomenon and the series' best-selling entry.

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XbladeTeddy533d ago

Because it's easy to pick up and play and even a crap player can have a chance of winning. Fun, but move onto Mario Kart 9 already. MK8 is like 6-7 years old now.

galgor533d ago

Calling it now, there won't be a new MK until the next Nintendo console is out.

Gridknac533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

Uh, its the only mario kart you can buy, for what now? 3 console cycles? Of course its going to be the best selling all time! Its like saying "Skyrim is the best selling elder scrolls all time". Well duh, its been released on 3 generations of tech with no new chapter in sight. If nintendos shit was backwards compatible or they would release a new Kart, this wouldn't even be a story.

533d ago
TargusX532d ago

I love mkart as much as everyone else, BUT MK8 tracks I think are generally boring, they could of added more interesting /lore into them imo.

slayereddy532d ago

Probably because the Switch is the only console to not get its version of Mario Kart, and MK8 has been spread over long time over generations.