What is The Matrix Awakens

Dave writes: "The Matrix Awakens - full title, ‘The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience’ - sits somewhere in the Venn diagram of free, playable demo, advert and technical showcase. That might sound off-putting or baffling, but you shouldn’t be deterred: this is a milestone piece of software that you should immediately boot up if you have next gen hardware, specifically Xbox Series X|S or a PlayStation 5."

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Eidolon158d ago

It's a great Playable Unreal Engine 5 tech demonstration!

Kurisu158d ago

I tried it last night on PS5 and yes - it is pretty spectacular!

medman158d ago

First thing I did was take to the sky and try to go underwater. The city is amazing, especially when viewed from above, but no deep water diving.

Viking_mo158d ago

Quick question. Is there a full game coming or is it just a test?

badboyz09158d ago

Gameplay was rails. But the engine was amazing.

MaximusPrime_158d ago

This is a tech demo so I'd be surprised if full game is coming. This tech demo demonstrate how unreal engine works and what can be possible. So it's a good start for future games that will use that engine.

dbcoops158d ago

Probably not, most likely it was to do two things demonstrate the UE5 engine first hand in a interactive way and also hype the upcoming Matrix film.

CrimsonWing69158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

So you know how marketing for movies have done VR kind of playable teasers to generate hype and interest in the movie? This is that, it’s a playable teaser of sorts to get you vested in the movie. There’s no game coming out, this is just the future of digital marketing.

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jjb1981158d ago

That would be awesome if they were making a full triple-A Matrix game with UE5. This demo is incredible.

isarai157d ago

I never understood why they dont release public versions of tech demos like this. Like why cant we get the lumen and the land of nanite demo? Just seems like a series of missed opportunities to me

CrimsonWing69157d ago

What is real? How do you define real?