Shivering Isles adds 250 Gamerscore points to Oblivion

It looks like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will be the first to take advantage of Microsoft's recently-amended Achievement points policy and push past that 1000-point gate of old. Speaking to Gaming Bits, Oblivion developer Bethesda has confirmed that the upcoming expansion Shivering Isles will have 250 Gamerscore points, divided amongst 10 achievements, to unlock.

According to the new Achievement point policy, up to 250 points can be added to a disc-based Xbox 360 title via premium downloadable content, which means Oblivion has maxed out its Gamerscore potential.

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bizzy124899d ago

dag i traded it in once i got all 1000 points now this give me a reason to play it again

ASSASSYN 36o4899d ago

I still got mine with a level 35 character! This is yet again another reason I love my XBOX 360. Time to go walk the gamerscore strip again and get pimped.

M1am1U4899d ago

Oblivion has definite replayability. Shivering Isles only adds to it. I really like the fact that you can continue with your current character. I can't wait for it to come out, especially with the extra 250 points as an added bonus.

Zinswin4899d ago

Great game, but I'm worried there's going to be no challenge --- my character is Godlike. I Guess the story should be good, though.

Booneral4899d ago

Lol, they said you'll be able to start the expansion even with a new char. I guess game just adapts itself to player's level. So I think, your enemies might be also godlike. :D

Havince4899d ago

Bethesda and Oblivion are the best so far for content, they have offered the best and its been worthwile companies like activision with call of duty 3 can learn a lot from them coz activision suck

any word when this is out yet?????