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As a console based FPS, Resistance 2 has been subject to the same obvious comparisons to every other console FPS recently. So let us address this and move on to more interest fare. How does Resistance 2 compare to both Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4? In every way Resistance 2 is the superior game to Halo 3 from story, to graphics, campaign and online modes. Is it as good as the latter? No, not quite as good as Infinity Ward's modern classic but it isn't too far away. So, with that out of the way I can start talking about Resistance 2 in it's own right.

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jammy_703600d ago

i hate reviews out of 5!

OGharryjoysticks3600d ago

R2 is much better than the original Resistance. I definetely prefer the single player of R2 over COD4 and World at War. I'm not into Halo so I can't comment on how I would compare them. As far as multiplayer goes I think R2 is better than the first game and at least on par with Call of Duty's. It's kind of sad how R2 overall has not sold better than the first game and many of the reviews are lower for some reason? I almost thought about skipping it from all the negativity surrounding it. Glad I didn't.

khellendros13600d ago

I've played a lot of FPS. Call of Duty 4 is the only one I haven't played that's come out recently. R2 has been the only game that's changed my reluctance to play online. Most of the other games I played because I didn't see what everyone saw in the genre. This series is actually making me a fan of the genre. I'm playing through the single player for a second time and I'm still loving it. I never managed to finish the other FPS. How people can find so many faults with this game and not other FPS confuses me.