Feature: The past (and possible future) Batman games

Big Download writes:

"The release of The Dark Knight on DVD, Blu-Ray and downloadable video this week represents just the latest way that the world has seen the character of Batman portrayed in the mass media. The costumed detective has been around for nearly 70 years and yet the creation of writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane has gone through a ton of reinterpretations that have culminated in the 2008 blockbuster film that may agree could be the best film ever made based on a comic book character.

Even with Batman's success in films, he hasn't has as much success in games, particularly in the PC realm. That could change next year with the planned release of Batman: Arkham Asylum from Eidos/Warner Bros. Interactive and Batman's appearance in Sony Online's super hero MMO DC Universe Online. Big Download decided to look back at Batman's recent past on the PC game platform and look at its future, including our suggestions on what classic Batman comic book storylines might make great games."

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