The Game Awards 2021 Predictions

Alex DS. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "Whether it’s the announcement that Joker was joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the first public showing of a PS5 game, or the reveal of the Xbox Series X console, the Game Awards are a big deal and we have some thoughts on what we will be talking about on Thursday night."

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Terry_B422d ago

Bioshock 4, Mortal Kombat 12, Metal Gear Solid, New Namco Game.

G1L422d ago

I would loose my shit if MGS got announced. Its my favorite game. And having that announcement on the same month i get to see matrix after almost 20 years as well as all 3 spideys sharing the big screen would be the perfect entertainment trifecta for me :D

DJStotty422d ago

Got to admit, i really enjoyed V - phantom pain with quiet

EvertonFC422d ago

Bioshock will be next year imo going off a source who said it was planned for the awards but has now been moved to June ?

DJStotty421d ago

I might revisit the Bioshock series, such good games, hopefully the next game revisits Rapture, and not some new floating city.

422d ago
mastershredder422d ago

Funny, even during the age of game magazines, I never gave two licks about the "game awards". Play the game enjoy it, move on. You can award you favorite games by just enjoying them. The "awards show" (ran by a bs semi-involved committee) is needless fluff for impressionable fans and aggressive marketing and has turned into more of a self-stroking Hollywood oscars-level doof-fest, something this industry was trying to steer clear of oh so many years ago.

This is an Announcement show. The rest is fluff and marketing. Let's get real.