Mortal Shell's PS Plus Version Won't Feature PS5 Upgrade

Mortal Shell developer Cold Symmetry has confirmed the action-RPG's PS Plus version will not feature current-gen enhancements on PS5.

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Jin_Sakai46d ago

First Godfall now this. Sony need to get it together!

LucasRuinedChildhood46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

They should have just secured the PS5 version of Mortal Shell (a much better game than Godfall), got a different PS4 game and most people would be happy with this month.

Nobody even wanted Godfall. It's the worst rated PS5 game of 2020, and the Challenger Edition tries to get you to buy the full game because it's just a glorified demo that's available for free on the Epic Game Store.

It would be one thing if the PS4 Pro version of Mortal Shell was 60fps, but it's locked to 30fps as well so a lot of PS5 players aren't going to want to play it that way.

PS Plus was so good for most of this year. What are they doing?

jeromeface45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

You know, I've seen it regurgitated a few times now that godfall challenger edition is free on the epic store, FAKE NEWS.... go look,, its not even available yet.

mkis00745d ago


Can't we just call it Unreal news? seems appropriate and I hate the term fake news.

LucasRuinedChildhood45d ago (Edited 45d ago )


"And the best part? Godfall: Challenger Edition will be the Epic Games Store free game of the week from December 9-16, 2021!" - Epic Games

Are you claiming fake news because it will be free there ... starting Thursday instead of Tuesday? Or did you genuinely just not see this news?

crazyCoconuts45d ago

What are reasonable expectations for $5 a month? You get online services plus some free games. Compare this to what you get for $5 from Sony's competitors. Do you get any XSX games for free every month? What makes us think that for $5 a month we should never have to buy a game again?

Palitera45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

When you see how cool PS3 and PS4 ages were, you could wonder "how would a company cool like this ever fall".

What is happening is exactly how. Indies are not even being released on PS4/PS5 anymore (XS and Switch are far ahead), PS Plus opening to borderline scams, a dozen exclusives with the same vibe...

I really hope they go back to the drawing board before it's too late.

northpaws45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

To be fair, will be free for a week on epic doesn't mean it is a free game. The concept of the Challenger edition is to give you access to the endgame directly. Is it good? I don't know, I haven't tried it yet, but so is everyone yelling their throat dry at how like Sony killed their parents or something. So tired of all these pointless negativity and ignoring the fact that you are paying the price of a coffee per month and you are getting 3 games in return, and even if godfall is bad we at least have Mortal Shell.

Inverno45d ago

Say what you will of Epic, but the fact still stands that they're giving free games without a sub. PS is too big now for fanboys to accept any criticism of it. Seriously we went through a whole gen talking about XboxLive being a scam and then everybody just accepted it so quickly for PS. I don't see the logic of paying for something that I'm getting free of charge elsewhere and better too. Talking about PC gaming in general

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LucasRuinedChildhood45d ago (Edited 45d ago )


You write in a very particular way. I know I've already argued with you before but you're using a spam account that you just created today. You were arguing with me about a very particular aspect of GT Sport. lol.

I've already left a reply about this.

"And the best part? Godfall: Challenger Edition will be the Epic Games Store free game of the week from December 9-16, 2021!" - Epic Games And the Challenger Edition is not the full base game (no campaign).

"you are talking utter rubbish. If you actually LOOK at the Epic store" "Why not do something useful son..."

Seek some counselling or something, man. What I said is objectively true and you're still arguing with me for some reason.

LucasRuinedChildhood45d ago (Edited 45d ago )


The account you were using to argue with me was mikey15:

Busted, dead to rights. lol.

You had a similar outburst because I mentioned that GT Sport had server issues at launch because I just didn't want GT7's campaign to require an internet connection. You called me a liar. haha. You were irrationally angry over facts - it felt like I was having déjà vu.

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SoulWarrior45d ago

Doubt this was Sony's decision, same happened with the FF7 remake. Still it makes the offerings this month look rather mediocre and maybe they could have negotiated a bit harder, but nobody knows what gets discussed in those meetings.

CBaoth45d ago

no, what that should tell you that it IS likely Sony's decision. Unlike MS, most of their first party IPs are locked behind an upgrade path. The only free upgrades have been announced by the devs themselves like Subnautica and Plague's Tale.

Let's call a spade a spade. Whether it's censorship (i.e. digital novels), offering demos as a substitute for games on PS+, or just flat out greed like here, the optics are terrible.

SoulWarrior45d ago


How do you think Sony have any control over whether a 3rd party game like Mortal Shell should get a free upgrade?

I'm not defending this months meager offerings, just simply stating that Sony can't decide if another publisher and studio should offer a free upgrade or not.

UltraNova45d ago


Sony would pay the studio less for agreeing to have their game on PS Plus if they offered the last gen version with the option of paying to upgrade to the PS5 version.

CBaoth45d ago

because the Mortal Shell devs already had the PS5/serX version on GP. It's an older game, having released in August of last year. Cold Symmetry already got paid via the PS+ contract. They're doing this not to squeeze every penny they can out of an old game, but rather the exposure from both fan bases for future projects.

Like I said we need to look at the platform holder charging for $10 bucks more for new games, upgrade paths, etc....

SoulWarrior45d ago

@cb fair enough, didn;t realise it was on GP, I suppose Sony could have negotiated this a bit better then, that's fair enough.

rdgneoz345d ago

@CBaoth FFVII and Mortal Shell are not first part IPs...

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SenorFartCushion45d ago

Yeah, this is embarrassing. You can tell they’re working on some sort of weird PlayStation now update.

solideagle45d ago

dont redeem Godfall to send a message to Sony?

gamer780445d ago

Yah bit of a bad look when Xbox gamespass just got the ultimate edition of the game

Bronbron9245d ago

This wasn’t Sony’s call it was the developers

porkChop45d ago

Sony signs the deals, they know what's being added. Sony would have known it wasn't a full game and they still went through with it. If Sony didn't think it was acceptable they wouldn't have agreed to it.

porkChop45d ago

Usually December is pretty good for PS+, probably because of Christmas. I'm honestly surprised this is all they're giving people. I'd hope this isn't a sign of things to come next year.

Bronbron9244d ago

Yeh Sony could’ve requested the next gen version for it, and the developers said no we can give you the ps4 version I get it, it does suck we don’t get the ps5 version, it’s still a free game

Orbilator44d ago

Nah why should somebody who actually bought this game not benifit from a free upgrade? If it's ps+ it's a freebie so you get what your given, don't matter to me what version it is, a discounted ps5 upgrade would be fine for me if I hadn't bought this game ages ago.

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Magog46d ago

Well that sucks. Good enough to play it as a demo then I guess.

solideagle45d ago

dont redeem Godfall to send a message to Sony? -_-

lelo2play45d ago

Sony believes in generations... so pay for the update.

Stanjara45d ago

Total bs, they did this with ff7 remake also

MrBeatdown45d ago

Yeah, getting just the PS4 version of FF7 remake less than a year after it came out, and three months before the PS5 version even released was such a screwjob.

Eidolon45d ago

Yeah. I ended up just buying the FF7 physical copy to get the upgrade. sucks

philm8745d ago

You ended up paying money for a game that gave you hours of enjoyment? PM me hun, sounds like you're in a bad way.

Eidolon44d ago

I played up to CH 3 on PS4 version. I don't think I'd play the PS4 version having just recently obtained a PS5. It's kinda a tease to see a game released on a subscription plan that we know has a FREE PS5 upgrade, not being free because of the service terms. But afaik, Mortal Shell actually has Enhanced edition which I think might be a separate download/license, technically. Still blows, cash grab.

SurgicalMenace45d ago

Why can't we have more than what's GIVEN....😭🤣

Hey, there's also another option, buy what you want so the given stuff doesn't matter. This new generation of gamers is entitled as hell. What gives you the impression that you deserve anything more? How many games do those whinning, all the time, actually BUY?!?! If your library is so affected by the free options then that should tell you that you're not pulling your own weight. The industry is grown on sells not what's given away for free. Grow up....damn.

darkrider45d ago

It's the new trend of this Gen. Do I need to buy games? No. Of course not. Studios closing. I don't understand why this is happening....studios being purchase by big companies and losing the ability to make games like they want. I don't understand why this is happening...

dbcoops45d ago

I know all these people complaining as usual is akin to throwing temper tantrums and the parents are still giving them a cookie regardless.

SenorFartCushion45d ago

The cookies cost monthly, fool.

dbcoops45d ago


Not for you they dont' so your tantrum makes even less sense.

jznrpg45d ago

Lots of entitled poor gamers out there apparently . Or Xbox fans mostly

iplay1up245d ago

Xbox gamers are paying $59.99, and not being charged for upgrades to a game they already own, through Smart Delivery. Xbox is having a fantastic last half of 2021. Game Pass has Mortal Shell ultimate edition included with GP.

Halo comes out tomorrow, The Gunk next week, and Shredders the week after.

Seraphim45d ago

that's always been and will be my philosophy. "Buy what you want." It almost never disappoints & even in the rare event it does I almost always still enjoyed the time I spent playing said game. If I feel something's not worth $60 then buy it when it's $20, $30, $40 or eventually decide I don't really need to play that.

Now I get this month is especially strange & I'd have preferred Mortal Shell PS5 in the event I do eventually play it but I also would've liked to see FFVII upgraded despite the fact I own the disc. And like many others I am often disappointed in the PS+ offerings; that's natural. But this month after month of complaints on top of complaints year after year is so petty, so beneath us, etc. We're talking about, what, a $30-45 annual service that is giving you how many free games each month? If you're paying over $45 you're doing it wrong. So lower your expectations or gtfo. You are not entitled to the world simply because you are man. PS decided to give gamers free titles with PS+. Be gracious, not entitled.

Personally I've always appreciated that PS has offered games to PS+ subscribers since way back when but it's also incredibly rare I play any of them. In part because I buy what I want, because there are so many games out there to play, etc, etc. Though, I obviously claim any I have the slightest interest in, just in case. Like Yakuza Kiwami which I claimed who knows when [thinking I'd probably never play it] only to fast forward when I finally started playing about 2 months ago. Before the credits rolled I was buying Kiwami 2 then The Yakuza Collection, 6, and finally Like a Dragon black friday. I've almost played through 4 but put it down 2-3 weeks ago as I needed a break from the series. Had that game not been a PS+ title at some point it's very likely I never would've ended up playing the series.

Kurt Russell45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I am not arguing about entitlement or not here. But if you're providing a service people are repeatedly disappointed over, eventually they'll no longer want to pay for the service or find something better. This year Playstation is the most expensive way to play games by a long shot... there is a lot of competitive gaming options out there now, through Epic, Steam, Gamespass and the like.

I think Sony are rinsing their fanbases' wallets with a lot of their decisions this gen. It has been very disappointing to see. I have no reason to bat for any corperation, so will not be defending their practices. If people want to complain about it, they have the right to do so.

Lexreborn245d ago

These cats are BiG babies on this, it’s like they don’t understand a service on one platform isn’t the same as a service on another. And the amount of crying because people didn’t get what they wanted now vs later?

If you want something that damn bad then why are you trying a general service that has no guarantees? Why people not mad we don’t get PS3 or PS vita content anymore? Why nobody complain about how trash games with gold is? No complaints that Nintendo STILL have old emulators behind a paywall with a trash collection?

These people complaining are so disingenuous it’s nuts

gamer780445d ago

Right if you really want to play the ultimate edition just play it on Xbox gamepass

FlavorLav0145d ago

Or actually pay a few bucks and support the devs, so maybe they can ummmmh…make another game?

frostypants45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Why do you think it's "free"? This stuff is baked into the cost of a program we pay for. It isn't free. It's a subscription program and the quality of content is plummeting. I'd happily opt out of the monthly games and pay less for just the online service (if the games offered continue to be like this) but we can't.

fitofficial45d ago

Given? For the life of me I thought I paid for PS Plus.

You'll have to tell us how to get it for free.

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BlackDoomAx45d ago

Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you.

SurgicalMenace45d ago

Hate? I'm just saying good as nothing more has to be given. The games only $30. Does anyone want any of these companies to flourish for their efforts?

CrimsonWing6945d ago

You act like they don’t make money for putting their game as a PS+ title…

SurgicalMenace45d ago

Just imagine how much better they'd be if people actually thought about the community instead of their own pockets. If you aren't willing to afford it then you should try finding a cheaper hobby.

SurgicalMenace45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

$60 a year equates to $5 a month, so....are we to assume that $5 is somehow worth more than $5? Man, I'd hate to see some of your ledgers the way you guys respond to a $60 charge.

A reach around?!?! That'd have to be one cheap prostitute to only be charging $5, you might want to be worried about being handed a few decent STDs instead with that logic, buddy.🤣🤣

justadelusion45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

For charging $60 a year for PSN Sony can atleast give us a reach around and throw a few decent games our way during the year. (I already own the game btw, which came with a free ps5 upgrade at a later time anyway)