Halo Infinite's Multiplayer Is About To Get New Playlists


Let's talk about Halo Infinite playlists!
We've been reading your feedback, and we're working on plans to add Fiesta, Tactical Slayer (SWAT), and Free-For-All playlists as we speak.

Atticus_finch721d ago

So what were they doing this entire last year. Fixing Craig's face.

Snookies12721d ago

Uhh, they've been working on the campaign... The game's multi-player component launched earlier than expected and you're acting like they haven't done any work at all.

Atticus_finch721d ago

I totally made up the fact that the game is missing components every other Halo has had at launch. Right...

Snookies12721d ago (Edited 721d ago )

@Atticus_finch - What missing components? Please elaborate, and if it's anything regarding the multi-player, my point still stands that it launched early. It does sound like you're "totally making up the fact that it's missing components." Again, it launched early, and they are adding so much more down the line. They have already put in a lot of effort to correct initial mistakes based on fan input. Within the first week and a half of the game being live they've changed battle pass progression twice and gave us a limited event game mode. Dev response time has been amazing, and I personally really disliked 343 Industries before they launched this game's multi-player.

ChubbyBlade721d ago

No, Atticus is right. It launches Wednesday, the multiplayer, as already stated by 343, is launch feature complete.

It’s missing infection, swat, slayer, assault, forge, co op, individual playlists, custom games don’t work properly, the customization that was always included day 1 is now $20 per set, the campaign launches without everything mentioned above.

It’s not a feature complete product.

The multiplayer plays best since 3 but we need to stop acting like it has a boatload of content. It doesn’t. Halo 5 launched bare bones and even it had more content.

LucasRuinedChildhood721d ago (Edited 721d ago )

I feel like these basic modes should have been there for launch, but at least some player's worst fears of having to wait until the end of the first season for this stuff isn't true.

Have they ever said anything about adding in new maps over the next few months?

ChubbyBlade721d ago

No big updates until may. Games going to die really fast if they don’t stop drip feeding things. You can’t rip out basic features from the last 20 years and then drip feed it back in to keep people playing. That’s just dumb. They should be making NEW modes.

Eamon721d ago

This is pretty much the consequence of going down the F2P route.

Of course, many are asking why such basic features aren't available after 6 years of dev. I mean, Halo 3 launched with 4 player co-op, Forge, Theatre AND industry standard playlists. Not to mention, all game modes available in Custom.

Obviously, because the business model is F2P, 343i thought of ways to ensure their horrendous progression system would be complimented by the playlists. They knew that if everyone finished their "Win 3 Oddball matches" challenge, then Team Objective playlist will become a ghost town, since the majority of players would just play Team Slayer. Thus "Quick Play" playlist. A combined playlist might make sense in Ranked, but 0 sense in Social where people don't want randomised game modes, but pick the game mode of their choice then have some fun after a hard day's work.

Then we have the Lobby and UI which the former is nonexistent and the latter abysmal. In Halo 3, you could vote for which map to play on. You could chat pre-game. You could stick with the matchmade party if you thought you were a great team, and continue as the same team to the next game. None of that is available in Halo Infinite, 14 years later. This is a statement of the games industry in 2021.


Halo Infinite passes Destiny 2 on Xbox's most played games list in the U.S.

Microsoft's live service shooter seems to finally be on the up and up.

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Jin_Sakai2d ago ShowReplies(2)
Vits2d ago

I mean, the game is finally at a very good place gameplay-wise.
Shame they did not launch it in this state.

Snookies122d ago

Yeah, I got into it again on PC just recently, and it's far better than it used to be. There is ONE thing that infuriates me though, and it's fully directed at Microsoft in particular. The fact that they can't accommodate split-screen on PC's simply because there is no way to sign into more than a single Microsoft account on Windows OS. Even though you can have multiple controllers connected at the same time. So, it's 100% an issue of Microsoft just not caring enough to do anything about it.

sparky771d 21h ago

Pretty much every GaaS launches like that though, what sets the best apart from the rest is the devs ability to listen and improve and 343 has done that in spades which is why it's having such a boom.

Vits1d 17h ago

Nope, a solid GaaS kicks off strong and keeps improving through updates, all while the devs actually hear what the players are saying and 343 really dropped the ball on that launch.

Obscure_Observer1d 17h ago


Thanks to 343i and XGS continued support, Halo Infinite has been definitely getting better and better over the past years.

343i is definitely the best Xbox studio to be ahead of Halo games and the actual results is nothing but proof that all you need is the right people in the right places. The last shake up definitely is doing wonders for that game.

Hopefully their upcoming Halo will be even better!

sparky771d 17h ago


I would love to hear any examples of that because the most successful GaaS games follow this pattern like Fortnite, Apex, Halo, COD, No Mans Sky, FF14, Destiny, GTA:O, Fallout 76, Sea of Thieves etc.

Vits1d 16h ago


Genshin Impact, World of Warcraft, Dota 2, Crossfire, Path of Exile, Honor of Kings, Free Fire, League Of Legends, Honkai: Star Rail, Overwatch 1. You know, games that are actually monsters of revenue in their respective categories.

But I'm sure you find a reason for those not counting. And only the ones that fit your narrative to do.

Crows901d 9h ago

Yup...but still shitty

FinalFantasyFanatic1d 8h ago


I don't think you should include Apex in your list, that game was good from the get go, unless you're counting Titanfall 1 & 2 for some weird reason.

babadivad18h ago

The new 343 listens to fans. The old 343 (before Microsoft cleaned house) laughed and dismissed fan complaints about bugs with their software.

Glad MS FINALLY gave this studio a kick in the ass.

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OMGitzThatGuy1d 16h ago

It was aways at a good experience gameplay wise, I never see anyone that played the game say it was bad, all criticism was based on the slow addition of content and no forge.

Rude-ro1d 15h ago

It is dated and basic gameplay.
I get nostalgic, but something should improve over a decade.

Crows901d 9h ago

Absolutely. It is a travesty. Shame the campaign is still mediocre.

343_Guilty_Spark17h ago(Edited 17h ago)

Gameplay was already excellent. It needed more content at launch and now it has it.

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Einhander19721d 22h ago

They briefly pass Density 2 after an update and this is a celebration for them? This has briefly happened in the past after updates as well.

Give it a few weeks for the update bump to wear off.

And of course Destiny 2 has a new update of it's own in the works.

You can really feel the desperation from Microsoft going into the holidays, all the usual sites are writing these types of articles over and over trying to see if they can get something to stick.

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XiNatsuDragnel1d 22h ago

Halo is getting better PC wise imo

purple1011d 21h ago

More players than a 6year old dead game..congratulations.

Obscure_Observer1d 17h ago

"More players than a 6year old dead game..congratulations."

Well, Sony paid 3.7 Billion to acquire that "old dead game" and its studio.

So they definitely need all that investment to pay out, and Destiny is nothing but Bungie´s biggest (and only) successful IP.

purple1011d 16h ago

Halo is bungies biggest and best game. The've done it before and theyl do it again, that must be what Sony saw. That must be why they invested. Not because of destiny 2 but because if potential. No one would spend 3.6bn to only get back a few hundred thousand a year on dlc for this dead horse.

Let's see what they have in store for the games in a year or two time.

Rude-ro1d 15h ago

343 would beg to hit destiny’s lowest play count.
Cool.. funny that a Microsoft controlled data info is worth an article while destiny still absolutely destroys halos player retention numbers.