ELEX 2 Has Solid RPG Mechanics and a World Worth Exploring | COGconnected

COG writes: Elex 2 is the sequel to Piranha Bytes' post apocalyptic, sci-fi fantasy ARPG, where factions and ideologies compete for control of resources.

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Magog46d ago

The art direction in this game is such a huge turnoff. It's like Judge Dredd meets Conan the Barbarian.

Nacho_Z46d ago

Feels like it's from that era ages ago, when everything from Prince of Persia to Jak and Daxter tried to go all edgy and dark but ended up cringy instead.

lelo2play46d ago

The combat on the first ELEX was crap. Hope they fix that.

staticall46d ago

I do hope they'll address the balancing issues. When you start the game, if you take one step away from the main questline path, you're screwed, enemies are just overpowered. Even if you have a companion (unless you're using grenades, then you're 100% fine). And for the longest time, you couldn't join any of the group, due to the questline requirements.

I enjoyed the plot/lore, locations, some quests with consequences and exploration. But that ending was just...ugh. Felt like an ad for second game, before it was even announced.

Oh, and please, fix the damn bugs! I was so tired of restarting the game on PS4, because the game was slowing down more and more with each passing minute. And then suddenly it crashes. I wasn't able to play the game for more than 4 hours (usually around 2-3h) without it crashing.

P. S.: And for the love of G-d, do not add «Play the game for X hours» trophies.

HyperMoused46d ago

Most underated RPG ive ever seen, absolutely loved the first one, i will be playing this too.