The Grind in Old School JRPGs Was Real

The grind in old-school JRPG's was real and Ruth's only recently started to catch up on the classics, Final Fantasy X being one of them.

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Omegasyde45d ago

I still remember that damn dodge lightning challenge…..

Flawlessmic45d ago

Yea the totally get the critisism for the end game but ourside of that FFX is the bomb, hands down my favorite FF.

Celestial weapons are a total pain only ever bithered to get tidus, auron and yunas ones, didnt bother with the rest.

PapaBop45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I think I've pumped more hours into getting knights of the round in FF7 than I have in most modern sp games. Granted this was before we had all the information we have now easily accessible on the internet. The chocobo breeding stuff was confusing with different guides I got saying different things but damn was it worth it and enjoyed every second of it.

camel_toad45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Yeh I remember how rewarding it felt finally getting Knight of the Round and using it on the foes. Good times.

shauzy45d ago

it was fun as well, not boring, unlike the grind in nowadays games which is pretty bland and boring and you'd like to skip everything but the story

Halvorson45d ago

JRPGs focus more on storytelling with well-established characters. WRPGs focus more on letting the player live out fantasies and express their player-character the way they want. JRPGs tell the player a story through the eyes of one of the characters

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