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SomosXbox: "Xbox and 343 Industries have shown the world that with care, dedication and passion"

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iplay1up244d ago

Wow! Almost all fantastic reviews! I am so ready!

thesoftware73043d ago

It looks so good!

Just disappointed that I wont be able to play with my son in Co-op...

I'm pondering waiting until co-op drops later to fully play it..might just get a feel for it, dib and dab. I know my Son wont wait, Halo, metroid, Kingdom hearts and the Souls series are his favorite games.

DarthMarvin42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Yeah, lack of co-op makes it essentially unplayable. Halo is only good when played with other people.

Bladesfist42d ago

It would definitely be better with co-op but I don't think Halo is trash as a single player game. I like the campaigns.

Jrpg_Gamer42d ago

What do you expect coming from somos xbox...

spicelicka42d ago

well you could expect 10/10...