Home not really working right

With the release of Home on PSN. Everything has not been that smooth, at first it was delayed. Only for a few hours. After that there has been a load of reports stateing that home users have been getting connection problems.

Today Sony has addressed the problem stateing

: We are aware that some people may be experiencing difficulty in accessing the PlayStation Home beta at present. This is due to overwhelming demand for the service as people access Home for the very first time since it became Open Beta and appeared on the XMB. While we prepare solutions to ease the problem, you may continue to experience difficulties accessing Home. We kindly ask for your patience as we work to meet the incredible demand for this revolutionary service.

So hope fully they will have this issue worked out quickly

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Pennywise3597d ago

100 articles with the same conclusion. IT IS A BETA.

poopsack3597d ago

whoever it was that said he was expecting this, I say, damn right!

Information Minister3596d ago

If you read the fine print, it states that home could stay in beta for the next few years! Will we be plagued by this issue for years to come? The basic ability to log in should already be guaranteed, even in a beta.

ThaTeflonDon3595d ago

You and the rest of the world obviously don't know anything about programming and what it takes .... so people like you and the idots who come up with these articles need to just shut up ....

Also just because it may stay a BETA for years does not mean they will have the same problems for years ... AGAIN ... GOOGLE GMAIL IS STILL BETA ... but its one of the best free email service online

If you don't know what you are commenting on or have the knowledge to comment on an issue then just be quiet


Milky Joe3595d ago

Exactly, all of these articles call it Home. It's not Home, it's Home Open BETA! It is not the finished product, it is a trial to test the servers so that things can be improved upon. Christ, it even has the word 'beta' on the signing in screen that you have to look at while you attempt to log in.

Rob0g0rilla3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

They will continue to listen to feedback from people in Home and will continue to change it over time.

Not necessarily a bad thing that they are willing to do this. It's like when people wanted in-game XMB. They gave it to us and they listened. Home is like the XMB, it's always going to be changing and updated.

A year from now Home will be totally different then what it is today. The director for Playstation Home said this in an interview.

LoVeRSaMa3595d ago

"Home not really working right"

Nooo, hoem is Dooomed because the servers are full...?

PS3n3603595d ago

successfully being able to log in and look around should be worked out. I have tried a couple of times and got close to getting to the plaza area then it timed out again. If the developers think that people will put up with this for longer than a week they are fooling themselves. So far from what I have seen both on youtube and my own experiences with it this will be forgotten long before it gets out of beta. Seriously how many people are going to be wasting time in home 2 years from now. I can see if home became the dashboard that booted up with the console but having to launch home and wait to get in to see what your friends are playing etc. is a waste of time. I want to power on and play. I guess I really dont think home is useful at all. i think they should have worked on improving the x media bar instead since it is sexy sophisticated and damn close to being the ultimate dashboard.

mint royale3595d ago

from what I have seen so far. HOWEVER I am open minded enough to realise that some people will really like and it does have some cool new features. However waiting in line to play isn't my idea of advancement in technology and it is abit bare at the moment. SOny will obviously make things better and I want to see what they'll do but for now I am not going to bother with it.

But for the haters, it is a free service for gods sakes and its not mandatory so why the hate. Its pathetic. I remember the hate for wii sports which was also free back in 2006. What are you going to hate next thats free. The air that we breathe?

RussDeBuss3595d ago

Well, i have no problems getting in, but i was in before the open beta. but anyway,

I T S A F * * C K I N G B E T A

and its free, and name one online game that has worked perfectly for every user on launch. I bet ya can't can ya.

Information Minister3595d ago

You're an American using the North American PSN/servers, am I right? You must be, otherwise you wouldn't reply so aggressively to my comment. Do you have any idea how hard it is to connect to the European Home service?... The frustration of spending 20 min trying to log in, only to get disconnected 10 min after you succeeded? Did you know there are no special Uncharted or Far Cry rooms in the European home? Or the flying saucer game in the main square, for that matter? Once again European gamers are faced with the short end of the stick, so forgive me if I feel a little bittered.

I'll be the first to admit there are TONS of potential in the Home service. During the short period of time I managed to connect today, I was able to maintain a conversation with 2 fellow Japanese and Italian users. And it was awesome! Do you still think I don't know what I'm talking about and don't have the right to do so?

RussDeBuss3595d ago

im in uk and connect fine

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pete27113597d ago

This is just fuel for the fanboys

PAPERCHASER03963595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

You have guys who continue to make statements in disreguard to facts...

1# It's still BETA(OPEN)
2# Home is OPTIONAL... You can STILL see what friends are playing from media bar
3# Many Many more features coming shortly.... and if you have been following home theres a long list of applications on the way

[email protected] Besides when the wife is being a [email protected] i have another Home to go

Most of the guys complaining are jealous fanboys and people pretending to own a Ps3

Arsenic133597d ago

Oh please, Im a 360 owner and i still know a beta is a beta. Stop judging it already!

no-spin3595d ago

It seems impossible to cool down the Sony hate in the cheap media. HOME beta is like nothing else in the other consoles, is refreshing, and for the love of anything ITS FREE!!!!!!
A free service, which i happen to enjoy and the many people that i have seen enjoying it as well.
PSN is FREE. HOME is FREE, get the idea?

Unbelievable, when a console tries to do something NEW and bring the community of gamers together in a virtual world for FREE and it gets hammered by idiots that dont seem to know the difference between final product and testing beta. Feedback is for making betas better.

PS3 is solid in many dimensions, just as the Xbox is solid in its own right

gamfreak3597d ago

having trouble too when trying to access HOME, but SONY will resolved this problem ASAP, i mean c'mon it still in the beta state.

aiphanes3596d ago

for over 2 hours and it was awesome....they have done a lot of work since the closed beta. The saucer pop game in the middle of the square rules....nobody in the industry has done anything like that....i like how the games are integrated into can actually see people playing them in real time.....The animation of the avatars is top notch...and each has shadows!!!!

Home is still only in beta..just think what it will be like when the PS4 comes out?

There is a lot of hostility in home so we need a boxing, martial arts, or fight club type game where you can use your avatar in fights...

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