Xbox Game Pass Is Starting To Add Games Without Announcing Them

Everyone loves a good surprise, like the cozy village maker Townscaper or robot shooter Generation Zero

MadLad934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

I mean, many on sites just as this one call everything that's not a AAA experience "fodder" when it comes to Gamepass.
Maybe they should only announce the heavyhitters. Maybe do an announcement of the biggest indie/AA releases on its own.

People who actually own Gamepass will be made aware of the others either way.

darkrider934d ago

Mainly because they are. Except kids, the average gamer doesn't have time to play this kind of games....

porkChop934d ago

Most innovation and creativity comes from indies these days. You're missing out on some wonderful experiences.

CobraKai934d ago

I think you’re both right. I don’t have the time to dabble in indie games, especially when my back log of AAA games is so large, but with game pass, I can at least try them.

Orchard934d ago

@darkrider So you don’t like indie games and prefer the repetitive AAA games that mostly lack creativity and innovation… your loss.

BrainSyphoned934d ago

"This kind of game" are usually shorter games that don't take an investment of time or memory to remember what the hell was going on the last time I got a chance to play. I play this kind of game because I don't have time.

MadLad934d ago

Not going to argue.
Just going to say I highly, highly disagree.

934d ago
Kurt Russell933d ago

I got kids... I got no time. This is exactly the kind of games I predominantly play. If I am gaming, I want originality and creative world building. I do not want to play the copy paste AAA trash.

John_McClane933d ago

I joke about it but more is better imho.

MadLad932d ago

I would love too see the mental gymnastics needed to properly back that statement, without just making a blanket statement that just states your opinion is fact.

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ColtPSSX934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

Arnt you one of the main ones that call PSNOW lame because of all its “fodder” and not enough day one AAA game and aaa games?

Kind of a hypocrite arnt you.

monkey602934d ago

I personally think GamePass is better because of the "filler" games rather than the AAA releases.

MadLad934d ago

I find it has a good balance.
Hell, I used to cover purely indie/AA titles back when.

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S2Killinit934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

Is it possible they also are stopping announcing which games are being taken off?

Personally find PSNow a better gaming option as it allows me to purchase whatever i like to play while still making sense as an alternative source of games. With gamepass i end up paying more for the same amount of gaming because i purchase more than two games per year on the open market (at retail)

What a salty comment. Besides most of those are also on Playstation… hehe

monkey602933d ago


I dont think much of PSNow myself. The vast majority of games on there are just old. I dont care if the blockbusters aren't added on release date but the getting the smaller titles on release on GamePass is a massive money saver.

Imagine how much better PSNow would be if they used that service to release F.I.S.T., Clid the Snail or even Kena recently.

Smaller titles used to add value to the service before they've been on sale 100 times.
Deaths Door released on Gamepass. Why couldn't a deal be brokered to launch it on PSNow when it launched a few weeks ago?

Teflon02933d ago


I'm the opposite, I enjoy Now better because AAA games are games I was already going to buy, the indies, smaller name games of the past and such that are on PS now generally fill out with games I wouldn't mind trying or wanted at some point and skipped. As opposed to gamepass where they have things like crosscode which I bought on PS and PC because I like the game. Gamepass is saving money sure. But I ultimately would buy the games that show up on it because those are games I want to keep. Like example, they could put Scott Pilgrim on it day 1 and I would never care because I was going to buy it. As games are way more likely to be removed from gamepass than PS Now and that game may disappear for 10 years again being unbuyable. I was fortunate to own on PS3 already, but if that happened now. I'd be screwed lol. It's simple things like that.

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MadLad934d ago

I didn't.
But it's you, and you're only here to be a detractor.
If you want real filler, go check PS Now.

13sentinel933d ago

@TheRealTedCruz. Nah. PS now has more games than gamepass, and considering PS now has ps exclusives, yes it has better games too. Doesnt mean Ps now is necessarily a better service, because most would agree it isnt.

Godmars290934d ago

Isn't this article not about "They should" but rather "They aren't" announcing new indies on Game Pass, when your response to it seems to accept "Oh they'll get around it"?

Not knowing anything about GP would think all it would take was a rolling banner or thumbnail pic in the UI.

dbcoops934d ago

"I didn't.
But it's you, and you're only here to be a detractor.
If you want real filler, go check PS Now. "

Well you should have. I'm saying people usually refer to those games as filler not fodder, that's not how you use the word fodder anyway.

As for me only being here to "be a detractor" that is hilarious hypocrisy coming from you. Also I never disparaged you I corrected your mistake so you used detractor incorrectly as well.

I don't need to check out PS Now. if I wanted filler gamepass is filled with plenty of it, if that's an issue you'll have to take that up with MS I don't control what they add to the service.

John_McClane933d ago

My only complaint with game pass is trying to figure out how to play all those games! 😂

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Deathdeliverer934d ago

I don’t know… I think my gamepass app tells me about all of the games. At the same time if it’s something I’m not interested in, I don’t click on the notification.

Orchard934d ago


You can also just goto the “recently added” section for an overview.

They don’t have to announce every single game, other streaming services like Netflix etc don’t either.

slowgamer934d ago

I guess there's bound to be some changes, delays, quick deals made in the backround but I wouldn't get too big dreams about surprise games being a thing.

DeadManMMX934d ago

they had a whole article on wire about Generation Zero.

Atticus_finch934d ago

It's for the best. A bunch of games no would be buying or playing anyway.