Godfall: Challenger Edition On PlayStation Plus Isn't A Great Look

Godfall: Challenger Edition will release on PlayStation Plus as basically a vertical slice of Godfall. Let's not start doing that.

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monkey60249d ago

I agree with an awful lot of this. Could have taken the words straight out of my mouth.

I do actually like getting the multiplayer games on Plus though. It usually means a large player base to take advantage of for a while.

I didnt know Godfall Challenger Edition was free on Epic though so that's even worse

jeromeface47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

its just listed on epic, its not available yet... so its hard to say if its free or purchased. Being an epic temporary free offering doesn't mean its free just like sony offering something for a month for free doesn't mean its free. Because its not like a demo that's always free.

Shiken48d ago

Meanwhile, on gamepass...

EmperorDalek48d ago

Indeed, this is a dangerous precedent. Just give us a different game if Gearbox/2K didn't want to actually give us Godfall.

Lexreborn248d ago

It’s also going to be free on epic game store for like two weeks to download. But it shows it’s a model Gearbox wanted to try to get people into their game at a lower cost.

The amount of disingenuous information going on with this games release is insane.

Deathdeliverer48d ago

Yeah. I seriously doubt Sony will allow this in the future. Getting the game with the sub and having to pay for optional dlc is one thing. Getting a add on free and having to buy the game separately is another.
Something tells me not even Sony realized what the “Challenger Edition” was. I would have assumed it was the full game with added content. Like a expansion. Anyway, not the end of the world.

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The story is too old to be commented.