.hack//G.U. Last Recode Announced for Nintendo Switch

Today Bandai Namco announced that .hack//G.U. Last Recode is coming for Nintendo Switch, bringing the popular JRPG remaster to Nintendo's console.

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Terry_B49d ago

Very cool, a great reason to buy a Switch

Abriael49d ago

For a game that has been out on other platforms for 4 years? Seems like a very poor reason to buy a console. 🤔

Terry_B49d ago Show
Abriael49d ago

Pretty much all games receive many articles from me. 🤔

LIGATURE_49d ago

And itll run 💩on switch,but peole dont mnd

AnotherGamer49d ago

You know its been on other systems right?

solideagle49d ago

It is a good game but man it gets really boring especially if you become 1 or 2 level above average level. Gameplay is very basic in my humble opinion. I couldn't finish it. only finished 2 games

drizzom49d ago

It really is a good game. But for todays standards some mechanics and balancing could use an upgrade.

jznrpg49d ago

I have all of the games on PS4/3/2 so I won’t dip again for such an old game . Good games but I only buy stuff that is Switch only , which isn’t enough unfortunately

CrimsonWing6949d ago

I wish we could just get a new one. With how far games have come now I'd love to see how crazy they could go with a fake MMO world now.

drizzom49d ago

Im not sure Hiroshi is making anymore .hack games. I vaguely remember a stream he did titled "End of 'The Word'" where he played the games on newyears day. It might have been him showing that he's moving on from .hack which would absolutely sadden me.