Xbox Series Owners Get Two Dynamic Backgrounds For Halo Infinite

Microsoft has added two special dynamic wallpapers to celebrate the upcoming launch of Halo Infinite. These are available on Xbox Series S|X.

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Deathdeliverer55d ago

Well let me go get these downloaded! I loved dynamic themes on PS3/PS4. If PS5 is never going to get dynamic themes then I hope they at least add animation to each slide to accompany the music of said slide. Just seeing the OG Xbox theme on my series X had me happy. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t life altering or anything. It’s just a nice little addition.

Tacoboto55d ago

Glad they gave us that 4K dashboard update, the animations look so clean

Deathdeliverer55d ago

Totally agree. It feels good when your system makes complete use of your TV.

BoneMagnus55d ago

Cool! My X just arrived last Sunday - I’ll download these tonight.

Deathdeliverer55d ago

Welcome to the party! We’ve been expecting you!

dsammy0455d ago

Very impressed with this Halo rollout. From themes, controller, console, F2P multiplayer, etc glad this game was delayed instead of releasing with the Series console the extra polish goes a lot further.

55d ago