Godfall’s PS Plus version asks you to pay to get access to the full game

Godfall released last year alongside the PlayStation 5 and it wasn’t well-received, with criticism placed on the amount of content in the game. Now though, it’s been added to the PS Plus December 2021 games lineup, which is usually good news for developers looking to up their player counts and get people interested in their game.

However, it will be joining PS Plus as Godfall: Challenger Edition, a brand new version of Godfall that only includes three activities that make up the endgame. With the Challenger Edition, you can only access the Lightbringer, Dreamstones, and Ascended Tower of Trials modes, with everything else that is available in the regular version of the game not accessible.

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monkey602170d ago

Absolute horse shit! Don't go including borderline demos as my PSPlus games please

Popsicle169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Agreed. If a publisher or developer wants to release a demo then put it in the demo section of the Playstation store as a free download. Do no masquerade this as some sort of benefit to PS+ subscribers. I was excited about this until I heard about the "Challenger Edition."

On a side note, if I am starting the game with leveled up and with "end game" weapons and powers, why would I pay an additional fee to downgrade my characters and start from the beginning only to climb the ladder again. This makes little sense on so many levels.

smashman98169d ago

This is 100 percent on Sony for allowing this

VenomUK168d ago

@monkey602 It just goes to show what an ill-thought out move this is by Sony as so many people have responded to your comment and it has got a near-unanimous upvote - which for N4G is rare!

I know a lot of people are saying that the Godfall campaign isn't very good but I think it's better to include it and let the player decide.

monkey602168d ago

Absolutely agree Venom

No point pretending to be the good guy and "save me the time, by putting me straight into the good bits"
If that was an option it would be great, but this is clearly to drive sales of a game that underperformed.
Made worse by the fact the Epic store is making it free on PC too.

thejigisup169d ago

I agree. I am gonna add that the story of the game is trash, the in game hub is trash, the variety in the game is garbage. That being said, what is being offered is the best version of the game. It has everything you would need to enjoy everything good the game has to offer without inflating it with something that even people who love the game, myself included hate.

Crazyglues169d ago

Yeah this is some real serious horse shit.... and indeed not what we signed up for when we paid for Plus...

No one agreed to demo's instead of the SONY promised full free games... when we signed up for Plus..

What the hell SONY..!

CaptainHenry916169d ago

This is why I like gamepass. But I do have a feeling that Microsoft might go this route in the future

porkChop169d ago

Doubtful. If Game Pass was just a bunch of demos the service would lose all of its appeal. People wouldn't pay a subscription for glorified demos.

SoonDeadByOldAge169d ago

CaptH: I think MS will go the route of Forza Horizon 5 where they will have the complete game on Gamepass and sell the upgrade to the Delux edition. I’m totally fine with MS doing that.

OtterX168d ago

Confirmed, it's free on Epic Game Store next week too. :\

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1nsomniac170d ago

So the PS5 game we’re paying for, at a now increased price, is actually a demo!?

waderae169d ago

no. if you are paying full price for this, you get the whole game.

garos82169d ago

ive spotted one of the lazy developers behind this garbage game! hows it going?

Eidolon169d ago

It's a straight shoot to end game, free if not for a small price compared to the full-game price, but offered for free with PS+. And no, it's not a demo, it's the end-game. lol. The game is actually trash regardless. Warframe is probably better, and it's free. of course lot of MTX.

Kaii170d ago

PS5 Game is actually the demo of a PS5 game, fascinating sales tac.
Scummy move on both Sony + Gearbox.
Merry Christmas =)

masterfox170d ago

Well that sucks, at least will be able to try it to some degree, and if is good I might purchase , but yeah I think this shouldn't be offered like a PS plus free game, the developer could it handle this offer totally separated from PS Plus and this would it be seen more positive.

Popsicle169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

If you purchase the full game based on this demo, it will only encourage Sony and developers to release more demos to PS+ subscribers instead of the full versions of games. This is a test to see if the demo model is feasible and I personally will not support it.

bloop169d ago

Hear hear. Fuck this shit.

siLENTEsKI169d ago

I wonder which moron downvoted you. Probably some Sony Marketing Rep browsing n4g.

1Victor169d ago

@popsicle it’s time to sharpen the pitchforks and oil the torches.

outsider1624169d ago

Exactly this!!!!! Thankyou.

Abear21169d ago

Agreed, this seems like Sony trying out new “business models” to boost sales for devs on subscribers, very not cool. Basically a glorified Demo is this months flagship offering, wtf.
Where’s the PR depts head at? Who’s idea was this BS? And in December? Laughable.

garos82169d ago

exactly what popsicle said, i would go a step further and add : dont even give this glorified demo the time of day. screw them and screw gearbox/sony for this awful "christmas gift"

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BLAKHOODe169d ago

You're just the kind of gullible fool they're hoping for.

gamepadneo169d ago

There will always be company Simps! Disgusting move by Playstation and Gearbox!

masterfox169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

oh poor guy , did I offend you in something my crystal man?

siLENTEsKI169d ago

@masterfox Since when is someone pointing out your stupidity a sign that they are offended? I think "observant" is the word you're looking for.

masterfox169d ago (Edited 169d ago )


I think your stupidity of your comments towards mine are even higher then, since you are the one triggered just saying, seriously shut the hell up and comment about the topic not towards me then, you little crystal man.

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thejigisup169d ago

You dont need to buy the full game this has everything you need to enjoy godfall. They cut out the stuff people didn't like. If godfall was this version it would be rated higher for sure.

outsider1624169d ago

They also added mtx where you start off at max level. That alone destroy the purpose of progression. Sure you dont have to buy them..but this was a wierd inclusion.

porkChop169d ago

If the best version of the game means removing 75% of the content... maybe it shouldn't be on PS Plus. Because clearly it isn't a good game.

Seraphim169d ago

@porkChop - whether it was or wasn't a good game is subjective. However, while the campaign itself wasn't terrible there was no story there. Just a progression from area to area unlocking new suites w/ varying abilities... By the time I finished it I barely even touched the limited end game features the game had last year. Two friends were also uninterested in putting more time into the game. Truth of my opinion be told the best version of this game would have been a MP only title & that is essentially what people are getting with PS+. Except had this been MP from the start perhaps it would have a more robust end game & perhaps system.

That being said I did enjoy the game. The gameplay was good, felt rewarding, etc. Was just never really worth $40 let alone the $70 they came out asking.

It does baffle me some as to why they didn't just include the full game. It wasn't terribly received at launch on PS5 & probably didn't sell that well on PS4... And if the intention behind this from the Publisher is to drum up sales that's a piss poor strategy. As you can see from the backlash. They could've easily done a demo consisting of one sequence of Dreamstones and perhaps one tower run. Or, you know, just given the dam game away and start selling some skins for $3-5/ea lol.

GhostofHorizon169d ago

I ranted about this in the other article so I won't go I to it again. Just a really disappoint way to end the year for Plus.

I wonder if they plan to sell this version of the game on the PS Store as well.

thejigisup169d ago

They should, godfall as a whole was a letdown. The game modes they included are the meat and potatoes of the game. Everything else was not so good.