Exclusive: LittleBigPlanet November Sales Revealed

Sony placed a considerable publicity campaign behind LittleBigPlanet, and the Media Molecule-developed PlayStation 3 exclusive generated lots of buzz. It didn't make November's top 10 titles, though -- so how did it sell?

Well, LBP moved 141,000 units in the United States during November 2008, according to figures provided to Gamasutra by the NPD Group.

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jaysquared3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

well you know this game has legs! So its not going to sell the first month or even the first year.. But hey lets see what the sales total will be in 10 years after Sony bundles this up with their PS3! lol.. I saved you PS3 fans a post...

So it looks like VGChartz saying that LBP has sold a million are incorrect. They have N. America as selling 500k units of this game.. If you add last months NPD which was 220k and add 140k that only gives 360k games sold in N. America. So I highly doub this game has sold over a million.

@below- If a game only sells 360k for a month and 2 days in the biggest GAMING market in the world(U.S.A) then theres no way it has sold 500k in Europe. But hey that's my opinion. Again unless Sony or Media Molecule say that they have sold over a million of this game then i'm believing it has not. If you want to believe other wise then you have the right for your own opinion. Also if this game has sold a million world wide wouldn't Sony be announcing it? I mean seriuosly they need some positive news out because they just got owned in NPD. They also sold less PS3s in november compared to last year.

LightningPS3PS33598d ago

The game has sold close to 400k just in the united States, so why is it impossible to think that worldwide it reached 1 million or getting pretty close?

WANNA GET HIGH3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

That sucks really bad.Well i dont care,i dont get a single profit from game sales.... :/

But all those people that kept saying wait till november just got owned.Just face it,LBP was over hyped.not every one wants the game.I know u will say it has legs but u should have said that before u hyped it up to be a system seller and the youtube gaming.I bought resistance2 over lbp and i dont plan of buying lbp,its not my type of game.

sackboy says hi3598d ago

BU BU BU BU LBP is a system seller and it will move consoles....oh pls.... GTFO....


New mario my a$$,the youtube of gaming......... :/ "FACEPALM"

INehalemEXI3598d ago

To many great games released around the same time ....this is why KZ2 was pushed back. Anyways I got my copy of LBP and I would not trade it.

thor3598d ago

You guys are confusing "overhyped" - meaning, it was hyped, and it wasn't very good, with poor sales. It's a shame it hasn't sold that well, but those people who haven't bought it are missing out. It's my GOTY so I'd hardly say it was overhyped.

SuperM3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

PS3 has sold way more units in europe then in the US so your logic fails. 360 on the other hand has sold way more in the US then in europe.

Besides LBP is a game that fits the european audience perfectly. I expect this game has done alot better in europe.

People should really stop comparing ps3 and 360 software sales in the US, as 360 has sold twice as many units there. There is a reason that PS3 games always are low on the US list yet somehow manage to still sell alot of units. Ive said it before and i say it again, EUROPE

La Chance3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

so vgchratz overtracked LBP sales...

And 141 000 for the so called "new super mario" or "youtube of games" is VERY bad.

Its a pity because Im sure it doesnt deserve it but on the other hand it will teach people to not say stupid things like "new super mario" or "the game that is going to embarrass LIVE".

And its funny how this game has gone from instant 5 million seller and straight console mover to "a game that is going to sell overtime , just give it some time"

But honestly its a mystery why it flopped.Alot of games sell well thanx to the quality of the game itself without a huge marketing campaign.

Looks like PS3 gamers prefer shooters.

butterfinger3598d ago

Yeah, and those games sell well OVER time. An example of this would be Uncharted. Which one of the 360's best-sellers have sold well without tons of marketing? He11, I'd bet that Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones will be breaking sales records the way I see those 360 commercials featuring them. lol.

IzKyD13313598d ago

It's not bad either, December will prove if this game has legs or if the hype is going down....but this is Sony's fault, they advertised this so little it's ridiculous, the same with Resistance (I saw about 500 COD: WAW, Fallout, and Gears ads)

dkp233598d ago

Before the release, I was interested by all the hype and wanted to know what the big deal the game was...I read about innovation, great gameplay, creativity and the next mascot of PS3 and the next Mario...

Honestly, after reading about it, I still had no idea what the game was about until I watched some videos on youtube. While the innovation is there, but is it me or the game a jumping walking side scrolling game....I havent played the game or seen in live, but a few of my friends have bought it and dont play it...

Seeing what it was, I could not see this game being a system seller based on the type of games that we've have seen to be system sellers. FF, MGS, Gears of War, Halo....I just could not imagine this game moving that many consoles.

Well people can blame the lack of marketing and all, but I see a lot of people bashing MS for marketing their products, but turn around and blame the lack of marketing doomed LBP. Now people are calling for better advertising essentially do what MS is doing with their games and consoles, maybe Sony can go further and do what MS is doing, cut the price of the ps3...that might help....As we have seen, executives at Sony were wrong, people are not going to spend more money on a "superior" console...get off your high horse and cut the price.

CrazzyMan3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

GTA3 and GTA3:SA didn`t sell 11-15 mln. in their first month.

LBP - is a GREAT game, it`s a MASTERPIECE. It will gain it`s sales with time. I`m totally positive about LBP, i worry more about Valkyria Chronicles, since that game is Tactical RPG, which genre is NOT VERY popular on consoles, lucky TRPG to reach 1 mln. sales. Yet, VC is a very GREAT game, try demo, and if you liked it, BUY.

Alvadr3597d ago

I feel bad for MM, not so much Sony.

MM put everything into this game, it deserved much more of an impact.

cherrypie3597d ago

"well you know this game has legs!"

Right. You can expect it to move almost 50k in December I bet.

Quite honestly, after NDP consoles -- and this news for Sony's last best hope (LBP) id say things are *very very very* bad for Sony.

I actually didnt expect it to get this ugly before the end of this year.

Now, to the "wait for KZ2! 2009! YotPS3!" I'd say, its clearly proving that 2009 will be too late. The PS3 is *very clearly* going to get buried this Xmass. Very very badly.

I predict 3:1 Xbox 360 to PS3. And Wii does 3-4M. There just isnt enough time or room this generation for them to do anything except drift further back in last place until finally, the whole thing is cut off from development and the PS4 launches.

As they said on CNN Money: PS3 is a sinking ship.

prowiew3597d ago

Whats with ps3 gamers? Nobody buys games or what? If killzone dont sell 1 million on the first month, then I will beleive that yes, people buy ps3 for watching blu ray. Hey, I already pre ordered killzone. So there is one.

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LightningPS3PS33598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

it was how much? 221k or something? That's around 360k in the US. Wordwide it's supposed reached 1 million.

Why do they keep calling it a flop? Is it a flop or were people just expecting more?

I was expecting more, I think the game is something revolutionary that should be a console seller. It wasn't a console seller, but it's not a flop.

Edit: I'm not going by VG chartz. I'm just going by how it might reach 400k in the United States after December.

jaysquared3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I highly doubt that this game has sold a million. VGchartz are not a reliable source! They have this game as selling 500k in N. America and 500 k in Europe.. While there is NPD in the U.S. they dont have anything like that in Europe. So unless the numbers are coming from Sony or Media Molecule I would put the sales of this game at 700k..

If the game was suppose to be a system seller.. Sell over 2 million units it first months, had the hopes and prayers of PS3 fans to sell more PS3 console than the 360 then its a flop. This game was suppose to sell PS3s and it didn't. The ps3 actually sold less in November 2008 than 2007! Now thats bad!


Yes the game has sold over a million world wide.If u look at it that is still bad sales for a game that was hyped up as the new mario and thats just the fact.Dont think im a 360 fan boy either(read my profile)I just say what i feel is the fact.Lbp is "NOT" a flop but it did not do as well people expected it to do.

SuperM3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

PS3 consoles sold in US is like, 6.5-7 million now. So in the rest of the world there is about 11 million PS3s. Even if it has only sold 360k in the US it is very reasonable to believe it has sold 1 mill worldwide.

Anon19743598d ago

And, hopes and dreams of the PS3 fans? It's a game, dude...that's it. The PS3 has moved 17 million consoles in it's first 2 years, a feat the 360 didn't even come close to doing. PS3 fans and journalists alike were excited about this title, and rightly so, but no one pinned the "Hopes and dreams" of the PS3 on this game. MGS4, maybe, but not Little Big Planet. Either way the PS3 is selling remarkably well considering it's price point and the fact it's catering to the hi-end market. No one expects the very hi-end TV's to outsell the low end TV's. It doesn't mean there isn't a market for either of them. The PS3 isn't just a games console, it's more of a hi-end home theater component that just happens to also play kick ass games. I don't think there was ever any confusion about this.

What I've always found amusing was the 360 fans who act like their console of choice is somehow a better system just based on sales. If that were the case, the Wii would be the best games console, wouldn't it? In the end it doesn't matter because clearly the public understands the PS3. I don't know a single person with a decent home theater setup in my 30 something group of friends and cohorts that doesn't have a PS3 as the media hub of their system. Half these guys couldn't tell you what a "Halo" is or what the hell it's about, but you can better believe they're all watching Blu-Ray's and evertime I log in and see my friends list, half of them are gaming at any given time.

WANNA GET HIGH3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I did not buy it and im not missing out.What u dot understand is that not every one likes LBP.Not every one likes creating levels,not every one want new innovating games.Look at mirros edge,it was packed with innovation and look at how it turned out.Most people want the same thing they are used to,that is why i bought resistance2 over LBP.And yes i have played LBP before and i hated it,the jumping is so bad.I still think the graphics and the innovation is lovely but the simple fact is the game is not wanted buy every one.Most people on my psn list are playing,resistance2,cod4/5 burnout,wipeout.Only like 4people out of over 40 people are playing LBP.When i asked some of them have they played LBP and what do they think of it they just said they dont like it and its not there type of game.The reason why people say LBP is over hyped is because of the sales,they hyped it up to sell alot of consoles and sell alot of copies but that did not happen.I respect ur opinion but dont say people are missing out bcuz they did not buy LBP.I did not buy LBP and i know im not missing out bcuz its not my type of game.

nycredude3598d ago

Why the hell do you care so much anyway. Do you have the game? Do you own stock? If not then GTFO! No one cares what you say and it sure won't determine the results of the success of this game or any other game.

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happyface3598d ago

I thought all ps3 owners were SUPER EXCITED for this amazing game - what happened?

why did all the casuals and soccer moms not rush out to buy ps3s for this?

This is very confusing to me :(

jaysquared3598d ago

well supposedly the week delay because of the music fiasco killed all the hype! lol.. Over 2 million people were ready to buy the game but because of the week delay they decided to go buy something else.. Yeah a week is a damn long time to wait for a game you really wanted! And I say PS3 fans are the most patient gamers in the world because of them always waiting for their games but they can't even wait a week.

Downtown boogey3598d ago

Only a tiny fraction of PS3 owner even aknowleged the delay and the music-thingy! It's gotta have something else to it too... Maybe lack of advertising? Maybe the avarage 70€ price tag in Europe? Dunno...

La Chance3598d ago

No , its only on N4G that people thought that LBP would change the face of gaming and kill all its competitors and that nobody would be able to resist to its cuteness.

rockleex3598d ago

That thought LBP was the pinnacle of the PS3.

Sure its a great game, GOTY material. But anyone with half a brain would know its not gonna sell well on a hardcore tech-heavy console that costs over $400.

Soccer moms aren't gonna spend $400 on a console just to buy ONE game. They already have a much better option with the Wii.

Hardcore gamers aren't gonna pick it up unless they have already spent time with the game. And most hardcore gamers wouldn't even give it a try just by judging its looks.

Anyone who thought LBP was going to shift systems were either major PS3 fanboys... or they had hands-on time with LBP and were so blown away they thought it would appeal to anybody without first getting their hands on the gameplay(even though they doubted LBP before they tried it).

So yes, anyone who thought LBP was going to do well under all these circumstances are idiots.

FF7numba13597d ago

looks nice but I have other games to play. I dont understand why every1 think poeple only buy games one their 60 usd. Right now the only 60 usd games that i will buy first month is killzone,uncharted 2,God of war and maybe white knight chronicles.

Rob0g0rilla3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

but yeah, shoot on.

I'm glad Sony & MM made this game and didn't decide to make another shooting game. I don't blame ANYONE thinking this could of changed things for the PS3 after playing it myself. Anyone who actually has a PS3 should rent it. It's not just people on N4G. I was almost certain Sony had a huge hit after playing just the beta. The sales for this game are shocking to me.

I have the game and I think it lived up to the hype or what ever. One of the best and coolest game I have played in years and this year and it's nice to get away from 4 years of shooting nazis, aliens, and monsters. Sony should release a demo for this game. It's a great game for all ages.

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TOO PAWNED3598d ago

it is one of those games that everyone likes and thinks that it is awesome and uniqe, but no one wants to play it/buy it or at least big %. Proof are sales.
Still 360k just for USA is not bad, just not block buster ppl were hyping it to be. This is why some say it is "flop", It is FLOP but it didnt live up to its hype when it comes to sales.

lokiroo4203598d ago

Who are you talking to and speaking of, stfu, your thought process is that of a retard.

Captain Tuttle3598d ago

Now THOSE are bitter tears. lol

PirateThom3598d ago

Nope, I completely agree. The game is a sales flop and really, it should have been advertised like there was no other game coming after it. Someday, Sony will learn.

The only way people are going to buy it is if people who own it sit down and make their friends play it. It's going to be this generations Okami or Ico, a fantastic, beautiful game that doesn't get its due in sales.

InMyOpinion3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I'm seeing LBP, Motorstorm 2 and Resistance 2 commercials on Swedish TV almost every night. Maybe December sales will look different?

I don't think it's fair to compare LBP to ICO and Okami. Those games were made for a more distinct audience while LBP was made to be played by everyone.

likedamaster3597d ago

"""Flipity flop flop"""

That's just wrong.

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Chicken Chaser3598d ago

I'm not going to say i told you so ..but i knew this game couldn't outsold Fable II like people thought


Fable II-184k

anyways.. respectable sales..the problem here is ...the game scores are high but PS3 is still a hardcore console..and its still not enough reason for someone casual to buy a 400 machine just to play LBP...i think PS3 audience was not meant for least for now


If this game was relased fot the wii it would have sold so much more.Even tho the graphics will be down graded it will still sell like crack.Look at other wii games,the graphics sucks but its still selling.

SuperM3598d ago

Oh yea you should add the userbase to that.

360 12.5 million sold. Fable 2: 184k
PS3 6.5-7 million sold. LBP : 141k

Lets just say, im not that impressed

Captain Tuttle3598d ago

You seem to be forgetting the 850,000 or so copies that Fable 2 sold in October.