Halo Infinite Campaign File Size Revealed by Xbox Game Pass App

Halo Infinite Campaign File Size Revealed by Xbox Game Pass App and it is definitely lighter on the storage which is great news.

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Jin_Sakai59d ago

Not bad at all. Can’t wait to play the campaign!

Campaign - 28GB
Multiplayer - 18GB

Total 46GB

darthv7258d ago

That is pretty much the same size as Halo 5.

patrick158d ago

We can expect them to grow exponentially with the new seasons and content additions.

XbladeTeddy58d ago

Nice, I was expecting a bigger file size and to clear stuff from my SSD. Still using a 500GB which isn't cutting it lately.

Dave198059d ago

Could they finally be using velocity?!

porkChop59d ago

Could be. That's a pretty small file size. More devs need to start actually using Velocity.

kryteris58d ago

velocity uses ssd's but the game does not require that. so unlikely.

porkChop59d ago

Velocity Architecture is a bunch of things. Basically to make asset streaming, load times, etc., even faster than they already are. So stuff like new faster compression and decompression algorithms, optimizing the whole chain around/through the SSD, smaller file sizes, etc.

XbladeTeddy58d ago

Must be something. An early leaked photo showed it needing 97.24GB of space.

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Profchaos59d ago

Any indication of when pre load is up ?

Popsicle59d ago

Already up. I pre-loaded the campaign over the weekend.

Deathdeliverer59d ago

That is a respectable size. Can someone working on call of duty give Microsoft or Sony a call. These guys have figured out how to put amazing games in a reasonable amount of space.

VenomUK59d ago

@Deathdeliverer. Sony has been leading in this space using the Kraken technology with game files being significantly smaller.

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Rockstar58d ago

MS has a little bit more to do if they want to be known for their file sizes. I just downloaded Forza horizon 5 and it's over 100 gigs. I'm not complaining, it's a great game and I've got the space but that file size is huge.

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