Starfield Reveals Into The Starfield Video

Looking forward to this one as the video looks great. Bethesda Game Studios invites you to join Game Director Todd Howard, Studio Director Angela Browder and Art Director Matt Carofano as they discuss how the teams’ ambitions, passions and history have shaped the studio and how they are looking to the future with Starfield.

CaptainHenry916905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

I'm with you 💯 I have a feeling it being too realistic and grounded will take the fun out of it. I might pass on this one and wait for Elder Scrolls 6. He even mentioned that Elder Scrolls is more epic and fantasy 😀

4Sh0w905d ago

Nah but I dont like videos talking about games without gameplay.

My_Name_is_Earl905d ago

Looking forward to seeing you first out of the gate for every bit of news regarding this game that isn't coming to your platform of choice

Snakeeater25904d ago

Can’t wait for it to be on game pass haha

phoenixwing905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

Hype marketing

Deathdeliverer905d ago

Man I HATE videos like this. I don’t want to hear any philosophical ideas and what ifs. Crap like this makes people come up with their OWN grandiose ideas because they are trying to make sense of your vague dialog. Explain the game in actuals, show snippets of the game, not past games, and stop being pompous for the sake of being pompous. Nobody has a damn clue what this game is about, like, or does and this video changed none of that.

phoenixwing905d ago

It's vague and obtuse to make your mind run wild and think this new game will be everything you want when it's just not. It's marketing.

Deathdeliverer905d ago

@ Phoenixwing

Exactly. Literally let you psych yourself to the point that you’ll be happy no matter WHAT you saw. The old Cyberpunk tactic. Folks created so many theories and hype on nothing that everyone ignored the red flags. Whenever they drip fed info that wasn’t what you expected your hype pushed that out the way and held on tight to YOUR other created gameplay visions.

BoneMagnus905d ago

I agree. Any excitement I might have is being held in check by not having any real info of what this game is about.

Deathdeliverer905d ago

If you have a opinion that is anything short of glee Xbox fans, PlayStation fans, and Nintendo fans think you want to see something fail. They show a video that’s almost 8 minutes with a title called “into the Starfield” that shows nothing and talks about nothing. Someone says dang. I wish they would have at least gave some things that are doable in the game at the least. “He just wants the game to fail!!!”

gamer9905d ago

I dunno, i'd rather get tidbits of info / concept art, than nothing. We all know there's not going to be gameplay until xbox e3, so anyone expecting before then might be disappointed.

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BoneMagnus905d ago

That’s a good point - about seeing gameplay at E3.

And, for the record - to Oeazy - I’m not outraged nor do I hope it fails - quite the opposite actually.

gamer9905d ago

Right on Magnus, and i think Oeazy was referring to the general commentors on this site, already trying to downgrade a game 1 year out, clearly not happy that the opposition has picked up a legit catalogue of exclusives from Bethesda. If you browse the youtube comments you see large majority excitement and happiness, the opposite of here lol

Lightning77905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

CDPR Did the same thing with their game. Talking about philosophy, what ifs, and concepts in vague wording. They later showed "gameplay" and fooled all of us. In other words I'm gonna be cautious when they finally show off the game, even then I'll still remain cautious. CDPR set a new low by showing off fake gameplay, I'm not saying bethesda would go that low because I feel like they're better than that or at least I hope but the AAA guys have a knack for lying to us whenever they can.

Cyber Punk was being made for 8 years and this game will be 5 years next winter. If there's anything to take away from AAA development, is that time makes no difference in the quality of game. Maybe at one point, but certainly not now.

I'm still looking forward to what the game looks like and what it's about however, I'm just being careful of my expectations.

gamer9905d ago

Am I missing something here? It’s gonna be fallout/Skyrim, but in space, with some new gameplay mechanics, nice graphics, awesome exploration and choice and character builds. It’s not some big mystery that it’s gonna be an awesome Bethesda game. I have zero worries about this being a cyberpunk or a bf2042.

BoneMagnus905d ago

Exactly - we’ve all fallen prey to hype and seen the final product fall significantly short of what was promised - and we are now more cautious as a result.

I’m not negative or expecting anything to fail - I just don’t count down the days until release like I used to. Fool me once….

My_Name_is_Earl905d ago

Don't watch!

If I think my work is art and I'm given the opportunity to talk about it in a manner that allows me to express myself then I'll do it! Everyone else can sod off and wait for the game if they don't like this.

Such entitlement. I don't like this so don't do it! Suck rope pal. The world isn't all about what you like.

Lightning77905d ago

There's no entitlement at all. Bethesda, Todd Howard and his main team have a great track record overall. So did CD Dice with BF we know how those games turned out, I'm not saying they're gonna fail, I'm saying we gotta keep our expectations im check instead of blindly praising them when we don't know anything about them game beyond its setting and concept. Again, if they show gameplay I still gonna be skeptical. At least under MS their might be quality control. I'm a Xbox fan yes but I'm also a gamer first that wants quality in AAA gaming first.

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Terry_B905d ago

Boring people tell boring stuff...

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gamer9905d ago

Xbox has halo campaign around the corner, i wouldn't expect to see Starfield until xbox e3, much like Fallout 4 did with an in-depth reveal and lots of detail.

Fishy Fingers905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

Gameplay won't be shown until 2022 (summer)


Ethereal905d ago

I hear ya but with all these game releases these days, the promotional stuff shouldn't get any of us excited. Hell, even game showcases have shown to be completely unrepresentative of the final game. Just saying.

gamer9905d ago

Ethereal agreed. They probably shot 4 of these in an hour and will release them between now and summer. I don’t think anyone is supposed t be crazy excited about them sitting around chatting. Now as for e3 I’m expecting as good of a reveal as Fallout 4, which stole the show and showed others how to do a good reveal with tons of info.

Ethereal905d ago

Good point. The Fallout 4 reveal was the way it should be done. Hoping this turns out good and I'm trying to keep the faith with all these AAA devs releasing hot garbage lately. *Rockstar* *Cough* *DICE* *Cough* *Cyberpunk*