Gamepro: Killzone 2 Multiplayer Interview

GamePro goes to Amsterdam to talk about the multiplayer features of Killzone 2.

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gameraxis3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

love it, no fanboyism attached, honestly lol,

i think its gonna be the perfect game, and can i have opinions about just the graphics alone compared to that of crysis? disagree if u think crysis on highest level looks better, agree if u think killzone looks better..

imo, crysis isn't as consistent graphically, character models,faces, some things just look pasted on but with killzone everything is just so immersive... reason i bring this up is I'm hearing everywhere that "this might be the best looking game ever ON CONSOLES" or "ON PS3" and I'm like why can't they just leave it at ever??? if anyone has HD crysis footage that can prove me wrong please post because i haven't see any... lets see how far this goes, remember no flamming just honest opinions...

Kleptic3650d ago

killzone 2 trashes crysis in character models and you said...and Killzone 2 arguably has a more complex lighting engine with (the whole ability to have hundreds of real lights on screen at once is a pipe dream for Crysis)...although these two games are the ONLY games to have full screen rendered lens real 'beaming' effects on screen, and blending it perfectly with the depth of field and blur...

however crysis has a larger focus on physics...Killzone 2 also has a large focus on physics, but its in subtler areas...such as the hit response system, and 'chippable' buildings...crysis on the other hand uses it as a gameplay mechanic, as in you could knock an entire building over, or cut down a forest...

both games are graphical powerhouses that go unmatched by all competition...Crysis easily wins in regards to resolution and insane AA (assuming you have computer able to do it)...where as Killzone 2 knocks around all other console games and most PC games, beating out even crysis in some major areas...

SAiOSiN3650d ago

i hope it's gonna b more addicting than CoD because r2 failed to suck me in.

gameraxis3650d ago

thanks for the insight man, all i knew was what my eyes saw,now i have better understanding that its not just black and white i.e. which one looks better, but more shades of gray than i anticipated.

either way right on, can't wait!!!

yoghurt3650d ago

I wasnt around last week when the single player embargo was lifted, where is the best place to find the vids? was any new environments revealed? cheers.

cant wait for this game

Lombax3650d ago

But this game is a definite first day buy. Just like MGS, LBP, and Uncharted.

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