Halo Infinite Physical Copy Spotted Ahead of Release

A Halo Infinite physical copy has been spotted online ahead of the game campaign's official release this early December.

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SyntheticForm56d ago

I can't believe this could happen - it's unprecedented.

anubusgold56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Back in the 90's you could mail order games out of gaming magazines i would get games a month a head of time even before the stores had them. The managers of the stores never believed me when i said i already had a new popular game at home already. My friends loved it though we got to play new games early and for sneaky kids we got all the M rated games we wanted because mortal kombat made it so you had to be like 17 to buy violent games then. The mail order people didnt care you send them a money order in the mail with the game checked off that you wanted and it would show up in the mail a couple weeks later no ID needed .

Hatchetforce56d ago

Maybe its just me but I took his comment about it being unprecedented as sarcasm.

Profchaos56d ago

This early if to many people get it early maybe ms will surprise drop the campaign like they did with the multi

DJStotty56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Probably not, it is released in 8 days (8th december), chances are, these are the early copies sent out to reviewers and the like, or some store/warehouse that has received the stock and just snapped a cheeky pic, noted by the metal fencing in the background looking like a warehouse environment.

This is not a copy someone has preordered and received early.

anubusgold56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Or they are in store my friend would show me copies of games at walmart in the back like 2 weeks early that they were not to sell they were locked up and wrapped up heavy in plastic and had like police tape all around it. But this was before broadband internet you couldnt grab a copy and post it everywhere in the world. You wasnt doing that with 150k modems you were happy to be able to stream music and play unreal 2004 online.

56d ago